the neighbors…..

Posted on 16 September 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Yes, I have another neighbor story. Maybe life is going to be interesting with them around. Last night while working on the kitchen floor, the fire siren starts going off. I hurry and turn the scanner on, however next thing I know the lights are right outside my house! I’m running out the front door, my boyfriend took off out the back door. Hmmmmm…….. that’s funny, I don’t see a fire. So I head back through the house, out the back door, across the yard, where I’m met by the neighbor – oh lord here we go. She said she thought she better come tell me what happened. Supposedly they looked out the window and the back of a garage across the alley was one fire. Whatever lady – the cops were here in like 30 seconds flat – I don’t think the back of the garage was on fire and went out that freakin fast! Then she said it could have been the transformer because there was an electircal line dangling, well had she paid attention she would have noticed that this line’s been dangling since she moved in, hell it’s been dangling since I moved in. Well everybody looked around out there for this “fire”. Since there wasn’t one we all went home and lived happily ever after. 🙂


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9 Responses to “the neighbors…..”

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My favorite line of this story is “I hurry and turn the scanner on.”

I miss home sometimes. 🙂

I’m sure the SPD and the SVFD were super excited about the imaginary fire they had to come inspect. Lord.

I have to say, you got some very “nice” neighbours, always on the lookout for fire and all 😉 …

Yes small town life is grand…. if you have a scanner you can be guaranteed to get a whole bunch of phone calls asking what’s going on. 😛

I’m SO glad I have “nice” neighbors….. if only you could hear the sarcasm in that statement. They’ve only been here for about a week and they’ve already worn out their welcome on my property, came to my house dressed as batman and started some excitement with the 911 call of a “big” fire. Ah yes, my neighbors, everybody should have some!

There seem to be a lot of sarcasm in here 😀 (I like that ;))

Yes I tend to be pretty sarcastic. I must say….. that’s not always a good thing. 😛

As long as people know you’re being sarcastic and as long as your neighbours don’t find your blog, you should be pretty safe :p

People usually know I’m being sarcastic…. I can’t keep a straight face for very long – I LOVE to laugh!

I LOVE to laugh!

I can attest to that! heh

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