what would you do?

Posted on 19 September 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We’re going to play a little game….. Okay if I say to you (word for word while picking kids up from school) “No, I’m sorry the kids cannot play today because I have to finish working and we are working on finishing the floor”, would you leave me the hell alone, send a kid over to ask again or would you call me up and ask if the kids can come over? I know I’d leave me the hell alone, but if you’re my neighbor then you’d pick the last two. Immediately when we return home from school one kid heads on over and asks to play. Alright….. I seriously want to go hit this lady just for being stupid – but whatever I’ll let your kid play. So then about a half hour later she calls here – tells me she’s the neighbor across the lawn and then asks me if her daughter is here – ummmm……. what if I would have said No here, which I thought about doing just because she’s driving me nuts! But seriously did she NOT know where her kid was!!!!! So she then asks if another one of her kids can come over because he’s crying and feels left out. Okay I never have a problem with kids being here to play. And whenever my son asks for friends from his class to come over we always take any other siblings, because I know how much it sucks to have your brother/sister get to go play and you don’t get to. But…… my biggest problem here is I already told her NO at school. But I give in – so this kid comes over to play also – thank god he wasn’t dressed as batman this time. Anyway, please comment – let me know if I said something that would have let you know it was okay to send your kid over or okay to call a half hour later and ask me again – K.

All in all the kids weren’t bad, the boy – ummmmm he’s just weird. But I’ll give the kid a break – his Dad drives around with a sticker in his back window that says “Normal people scare me”. If that doesn’t tell you a little something about them. And that little shit had the nerve to say WE’RE the “Strange Family”.

Last night was the perfect example of me panicking…. with the neighbor kids here, trying to work my real job ( I could hear my boss yelling – Where the hell is the e-mail! Which was late thanks to all this chaos! But thanks to my man reading me a trillion numbers I got it there eventually – thanks honey!) , trying to talk on the phone with the flooring guy and make arrangements to pick up some stuff from him, look thru a catalog and order from a friends 3 little girls, who are also running thru the house like crazy and the littlest one trying to take toys home with her and me chasing her trying to snatch them back up – ya I was pretty much a basket case. I did apologize to the flooring guy because I seriously didn’t hear a word he said – I just showed up and said “Um… can you repeat all that again please.” Yes he knows me so it was all good.

For those of you who know me well……. you can about imagine how freaked out I was after all that. But after I got everything taken care of and I was able to head back downstairs to go back to work, neighbor kids still playing. I passed my boyfriend who was working on the flooring and said “Thanks for babysitting the kids honey, I’ll be downstairs hiding in my office!” hahahaha (insert evil laugh here)


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5 Responses to “what would you do?”

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“But…… my biggest problem here is I already told her NO at school. But I give in”

Therein lies the problem. NEVER, and I mean NEVER give in after saying no. The word “NO” will not mean anything to these types of people once they find out that “NO” really means “Maybe if you keep bugging the crap out of me I’ll say okay”.

Kid comes over and asks. No still means no. Mom calls. No still means no. Neighbor across the street calls. No still means no. Don’t even have to give a reason. Just NO should suffice. Practice in front of the mirror! hehehe

Thank you so much freevolition for pointing out that I have a problem with the word NO. 😛 You’ve known that for what about 7 years now. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to find a mirror.

Ok, you have the worst luck! First off, you definately should not have given into that weirdo. Maybe you should just lock your doors and not answer them, or get an outside security camera system. Ummmm………..I don’t know what else to say, they are just crazy! You’re gonna end up telling this lady off and having a neighbor fued!!

ever thought of a pitbull?

Jamie. You have got to find a mean bone in your body. There has to be one in there somewhere. Or get a pit bull. OOOH. OR. Start charging her to babysit her rugrats. Send them home with a bill.


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