a whole lotta nothin

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I don’t have anything major to write about today so I’m going to ramble, you can read it or you can ignore. But I named this site reformattingmybrain for a reason so I’m going to dump all this on here in an attempt to not think about it the rest of the day. First of all I’m actually in a pretty decent mood, took a muscle relaxant last night and I finally slept, I mean one of those deep deep sleeps where a tornado could have ripped through here and I would never have known it. I’m a little worried about taking these sometimes tho; I worry about two major things before I fall asleep, if my son going to wake up and need me and what if there’s a fire. But then the meds kicked in and for once I wasn’t worrying about something. Life is so wonderful then. I’m a terrible worrier. This is such a bad quality at times, I spend so much time worrying, hell I worry about worrying sometimes. Should I worry less, more – OMG – trust me a person can drive themselves crazy with this.

Most of you that know me, know that I don’t watch TV. Yesterday was the season premier of The Office, and for once, I took that half hour to sit and watch the show. Okay so I didn’t sit the entire half hour – I did the dishes at commercial break, there that sound more like me – yep, go go go. And then it sucked so that pissed me off. Oh well, like I told my son last night I’m all excited to see the season premier and I’ll probably see maybe one more of them sometime down the road. First, I don’t normally have time, secondly, I can think of a hundred other things I’d rather do than sit and watch TV. Anyway……… told you I was just going to ramble.

So, it’s been raining here for the past couple days. So once again I woke up to a puddle of water on my kitchen counter. Why for once can’t something just go right! Like the flooring in my kitchen…… We got the whole thing done – looked gorgeous…. then we found a squeak so we peel up one tile in an attempt to fix the squeak. Well after pulling that tile the squeak moved over 1 tile so we peeled that one up too and then the damn squeak moved again. So had we continued following this damn squeak I would have had a wood floor in my kitchen so we quit peeling tiles. Grabbed two more tiles to replace those – stuck them down – took a step back – WTF, they don’t match! Yes, so now my BLUE floor that I loved so much has two GREEN tinted tiles right in the middle, not to mention they don’t fit so they’re peeling up already. Yep, that’s my luck. If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

Holy *&$! a spider just dropped down from the ceiling and scared the hell outta me!! Wow….. ummmm excuse me for a couple minutes…….. must change.

Last night I took my son shopping for jeans. I guess he’s going to school in shorts all winter, because I can’t find the kid jeans that fit. We started with a 7 slim, those were too short. Okay, how bout an 8 slim, nope those are too big. So I get all excited when I see they make a 7X slim for those kids who are in between a 7 and an 8! Yeah – I take those to him…… hahahaha Seriously guys you didn’t think I was going to have something go right did you. I’m not sure why they made this wonderful 7X size because they fit the same as the 8 slims. So I’m going to have to leave my cozy little podunk town and head somewhere else this weekend. Ugggg…… Why are little kids jeans always made for short “big” kids. What about those little kids that are extremely skinny and long legged! What about them?! They have a big and tall shop, why don’t they have a little and tall shop! And my son isn’t even tall! We went to the furniture store the other day and the lady thought he was in preschool!!!! He turned around with an awful look on his face and said “2nd grade!” hahahaha Poor kid. He’ll grow and when that day comes – you all better say poor mom. It’ll be one of those overnight things for a couple months where you can’t keep him in clothes cuz he outgrows them 2 days later.

Well as much as I’d like to continue rambling about nothing, I’ve gotta get to work. Aaaaah the luxury of working at home, clocking in when I’m damn good and ready, freezing my toes and fingers off because the idiot that built my house thought it would be an okay thing to have a basement with no heat in it?! WTF?, cranking my music so I can concentrate, and on days when I’m crabby I don’t have to put up with anybody’s shit – well face to face anyway 🙂 hehe


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7 Responses to “a whole lotta nothin”

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Jeesh woman. I had to sit back and take a deep breath after all that — jeans shopping sucks — poor you (and Mr J. — 40 below in shorts is not gonna be fun)! Have a fab rest of the day!

Alright…… now I’m even more pissed. See I just lead an unhappy life, I’m always pissed about something. You know that puddle that was on my kitchen counter, well it didn’t stop there. Yep I now have wet socks and I’m in the basement – I hate wet socks! It obviously leaked all the way down that same wall. But hey guess what – there’s cabinets in the way of that wall, guess that means I have some quality time with a hammer this weekend as I pound the shit outta the cabinets cuz they are in my way of seeing the leak. (Saying to self) See something good came out of that – you get to tear shit apart again!

Ya I had to sit back and pop some meds after all that! Jeans shopping does suck. I hate shopping for jeans for myself – although I love to buy new jeans – weird!

Hey — thanks for commenting on my SPF — I think you totally should do it, if for no other reason than between the two of us we might just be able to kill your brother with things that he views as “stupid.” 🙂

Good luck with the soggy socks and yet again busting the house apart. Why don’t you guys just build a new one? 🙂

You can totally have my wind! Maybe it will dry out your socks! 🙂

Hey, you need to learn how to relax, girl!
Find the source of the leak yet?

Relax? What the heck does that mean?

My boyfriend may have found the leak – I’m just glad it’s done raining (crossing fingers), at least until this all dries out and we can patch the chimney.

I don’t want wet socks again! 😦

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