prairie dog hunting

Posted on 25 September 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life |

Wow….. I had to add more to this when I stumbled upon this site.

All American Outfitter

This just struck me an absolutely hilarious and the more I think about it, the funnier it gets. So this is Texas style Prairie Dog Hunting. You schedule a time, get a group together, sit at your pretty little “quality” bench and sit in the field and shoot. Seriously people. Oh by the way! Don’t forget your partner, cuz one of you shoots while the other one spots dogs for you. My good god……. (shaking head)

Here in Montana when we go prairie dog hunting – this is where you’ll find us…….

Laying on some hillside like a sniper waiting for your next kill. Maybe laying in a patch of cactus – who the hell knows. Hell probably laying amongst the cow pies too! We don’t have pretty little benches to sit at. Nope we hold our own guns, scope out our own dogs and lay on the ground. So the next time you want to go “hunting” for real, try it Montana style!


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4 Responses to “prairie dog hunting”

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Great blog sweety! You are sounding more like an outdoors woman the more you write. this is true prairie dog hunting. no pansy little catering service.

I didn’t know you lived in Montana. I have 2 brothers that just moved to Anaconda. They love it. I have only been there once.

**You probably mentioned it before, but I just started reading your blog.

Sure do! If I would ever finish my About page everybody would know that – I just can’t decide what to do with it. Guess you’ll be visiting Montana more often – it’s a great place!

I have only shot a gun one time in my life. I was at girls camp and I think I had to be about 16 or so. The took us all out to a small clearing and we shot a pistol into a stack of hay bales with a target on the front. I did pretty well but I couldn’t hear for about an hour the ringing in my ears was so bad.
Thanks for linking to me!!

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