what’s in your purse/wallet?

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Alright ladies AND gents…… if you notice I titled this “…… purse/wallet”, cuz I want to hear from the guys too! What’s in your purse/wallet? I was digging in my purse this morning when I stopped to pay my dentist bill and it scared me – seriously. So today we’re going to see exactly what’s in my purse! And let me know what’s in yours!

Here is my purse at this exact moment:

I’ve usually had small purses, but thanks to my brother’s determination to help me find my beloved Gucci bag on the last day I was in Dallas I now have a huge bag and I love it! We spent 4 hours looking for the store that had THIS bag. I also bought the Burberry bag, since my brother talked me out of the perfume – Damn him! haha Love ya Bro!

Alright here we go – I’m diving in to the what appears to be a bottomless pit! I have:

Book: Robin McGraw Inside My Heart (Excellent book – I recommend you all read it!)
Cell Phone
Bank Receipt
Receipt from that Dentist bill I paid this morning
A flyer for a case sale from the grocery store
Another bank receipt
An old grocery list and the receipt from that trip
A picture of my son and my boyfriends daughter
Receipt from newspaper
Another receipt from grocery store
My Gucci wallet to match bag AND I just found 10 bucks in it!!
Granola Bar (I’m a mother with a growing boy)
Another receipt from grocery store
A Pencil
The casing from when I shot my deer two years ago
Eye drops
Another pen
Container of bobby pins
Replacement nose pads for my glasses
Plastic toothpick/flossers
Another granola bar
Insurance cards (should be in car!)
Another grocery store receipt
Credit Card Application
All the gas receipts from the trip home from Dallas
Bank receipt
Beauty Blotters
DKNY lotion samples in Be Delicious and Red Be Delicious
Fingernail Clipper
A mini sewing kit
Spare key for car
Tire guage

Holy shit there’s the bottom of my purse! That’s all I’ve got – let’s hear what you’ve got now!


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26 Responses to “what’s in your purse/wallet?”

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I’m quite impressed by your list. My purse is small b/c I usually stick it in the baby’s bag. All I have is several one dollar bills, credit cards, ID, baby photos, business cards, and the all too important computer memory stick (what girl can live without that?).

First off you have me curious – what’s the business? And I totally agree on the memory stick – that’s in my computer right now.

are you listing the shit in your purse or your house? seriously, i think there are people living in homes with fewer items than your purse has. and if i took a picture of what’s in my wallet, you would see the floor below because A) its empty and B) there’s a huge hole in it since ive had the same one for 10+ years. not all of us can afford new gucci purses;)

LMAO – that’s hilarious…… Maybe I should have kept my little purse 🙂 Since now I’m lugging around this thing that weighs like 10 pounds! Oooh! I know what I can get you for your birthday!

I can’t afford a purse so I just use my pockets. Could you see me if I had all that stuff in my pockets??!! (heh!heh!)

I HATE stuff in my pockets! It drives me crazy! But that’d be pretty funny to see – I think you’d have to wear suspenders! That’s a lot of stuff!!

Oh no!!! Here we go:

Set of main keys
work ID badge
cell phone
card for next Dr. appointment
flourecent orange pen
email from work that I printed off
Tess Gerritsen’s book called Vanish (haven’t started it yet)
two paycheck stubs
a card from my Balderdash game
Hair claw
Contact lens drops
Bottle of D’s medicine
Spare set of keys in side pocket
Lipgloss (pink and clear)

That’s it. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

That’s awesome Rachel! Why in the heck do you have one Balderdash card? My boyfriend is constantly wanting to play that game.

Alrighty, here goes:

a checkbook/wallet combination (I don’t need to itemize the things in there, do I?
booklet of postage stamps
my H-D wallet (the one w/ the chain – again, I don’t need to itemize the things in there, do I?)
shopping list
emery board
bank deposit receipt
tiny bottle of Purell hand sanitizer
4 store coupons (all for coffee)
lighter (no, I don’t smoke. but one never knows when one may need one to start a campfire or something!)
key w/ automatic door opener (for pickup)
another humongous set of keys for everything else
pepper spray
lip gloss
folding knife
another (smaller) folding knife
metal nail file
tiny screwdriver for tightening screws in my glasses
assorted change
more coffee coupons (maybe I should use them before they expire!)
ballpoint pen
store receipt

A few things…

1. If you think he’ll ever give up his lakers wallet, I think you’re wrong.

2. I posted this over at my blog complete with photos.

3. I love that you have a Gucci “mom” purse. I remember hearing about that trip to the mall. The things he won’t do for you. 😉

4. I can’t believe i OCD itemized this list.

freevolition: I want your purse! You have some cool stuff in there!! Thanks for playing!

I am not sure how the Balderdash card ended up in there. I have game nights periodically at my house and I know that one ended up not getting back into the box and must have magically migrated to my purse.
Now it is just a good conversation piece so I may as well keep it in there.

Ok, I’m responding so that I get yelled at! Just joking, ya know i love you dearly and would be utterly lost without your motherly scoldings every once in awhile!

In my purse:
Probably $5-$10 in change just hanging out at the bottom.
Victoria’s Secret Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper lip gloss is clear
Victoria’s Secret Sweet Talk lip gloss in light pink
Vaseline Intensive Care lip gloss in clear
Good Night Lip Intensive lip gloss in clear (ok so I’m addicted to things that go on my lips)
heartburn medication
cell phone
a few reciepts
some candy and gum wrappers
a few random phone numbers
some bobby pins hanging out with the change
a pen
and wallet

my wallet contains:
drivers license
student id card
social security card ( I know you aren’t supposed to carry those in your wallet!)
JC Penney associate discount card (like I need that anymore)
CPR certified card
CNA card
Bank account number card (probably also not a good idea to have in my wallet, but I like to live on the edge)
movie gallery card
some gift cards with like $2 combined
and some more change.
That’s everything!!!!

by the way, I meant to say don’t get yelled at!
I should proof read first!

Quite unlike all of you, I look at it this way. If it doesn’t fit in my wallet; I don’t need it.

haha I do believe I’ve given you a kleenex and eye drops before! So HA! You do need some of that stuff sometimes! Betcha wish you had a purse!! 🙂

I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. That’s my philosophy anyway. *wink*

Okay, in wallet #1:
notepad w/ important phone #’s and important stuff, like the size of my furnace filter.
bank receipts
gas receipts
check blanks
check register
slip of paper w/ dimensions for replacement glass for mud porch door (wind slammed it shut and the window broke)
WalMart receipt
pictures of all 3 grandkids
health insurance card
AT&T calling card
Penney’s credit card
driver’s license
instruction card on how to remotely check answering machine
ballpoint pen
79 cents in change

In the H-D wallet:
motorcycle key
gas receipts
instruction sheet on how to install a lowering kit in Harley
debit card
Visa card
HOG membership card
motorcycle safety course card
motorcycle insurance card
slip of paper w/ info for tire pressure, oil, etc. for Harley
hubby’s business card
motorcycle registration slip
Beartooth Harley gift card
$1.03 in assorted change

freevolition: I couldn’t agree more as you can all tell from my list! haha

freevolition: I guess that $1.03 will buy you a candy bar if you get hungry on your adventure! These days – you won’t get much!

Okay mom purse people… i forgot something else I have (that my mom does too) a TIDE pen. They. Are. Amazing. Go get one.

OMG this is a fun post!

Here’s mine.

day planner
cell phone
set of 6 pens (for color coding day planner)
2 ballpoint pens
a pampered chef catalog
Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Pink Pout
Aveeno lip balm
Pomegranite lip balm (I always type blam!)
3 mint candies from the tanning salon
2 more empty wrappers
About $4 in change
2 bottles of water (we were at softball)

one pier one gift card with $2 on it
medical card
driver’s license
assorted credit cards
a pic of me and my honey
his business card
a small plastic sword from a mixed drink he bought me on my birthday
a fortune
a smashed Rivercats penny
$35 cash
two debit cards
several Target receipts (damn you Target!)

also, a couple bobby pins. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who uses those! My ex found one in his room once and said, “do you use those old lady hair pins?” LOL

Raeleigh: A Tide Pen, I’m going to have to get me one of those. That could come in handy…. ALOT! Thanks!

Aimee: Color Coded Planner! I WISH I had a life to actually NEED a color coded planner 🙂 LOL


The bobby pins comment is hilarious! My Mom said the same thing to me one time. She found them in my car one day when I had picked her up and she’s like OMG I haven’t seen these since I think the 60’s!!

What does the inside of your car look like? More stuff????

Ha ha I told your brother last night that I was kind of expecting you to post something like “oh and PS I just looked in my purse again and look! There in the side pocket! Do you see it?! IT’S THE KITCHEN SINK!!!”

I think your mom agrees with me. 🙂

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