my car does NOT look like my purse Mom!

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Okay so this post is dedicated to my Mom as she left a comment asking what was in my car. More stuff? Okay there’s definitely stuff in my car, but once again – I’m a mom, I can’t help it that my son needs stuff sometimes……. alright that excuse isn’t going to work as soon as I post my list……. whatever… I need stuff. And some of this stuff is entertainment for sitting in the parking lot and waiting for my son to get out of school. I get there like 20 minutes early to get MY parking spot 🙂 How pathetic. BUT….. I have reasons for this……. I don’t want my son walking thru the parking lot, as people don’t always pay attention when they back up (had a scare one time), I don’t want him crossing the street, cuz I watch the teachers daily….. NOT watching the kids cross the street – busy talking to friends (that really pisses me off – it’s their job to watch those kids and walk halfway with the kids across the street).

I’ve included pics of the inside of my car to PROVE to you all (Mom!) that the inside of my car looks Nothing (with a capital N! haha) like the inside of my purse, which has been cleaned 🙂

So I hope you all play along again today and show/tell me what’s in your car! Finding out the contents of your purses was a blast! Play along! 🙂

There’s my front seat – seriously…… do you think someone with towels on their seats has a messy car! Puuuulease! Spotless.

Here are the contents of the cubby hole:
Eyedrops (these belong to my brother – from the trip home – geesh, can’t you pick up your shit bro! haha they are my memento of you now, since I sent your pencil back :-))
2 paperclips (from dropping off house payments at the bank – they’ll eventually make it back in to my office)
Cell Phone Charger
2 pair of sunglasses
ID card for my son for school
My Zia’s old parking permit (that’s my memento of her as when I got a new windshield I lost the Texas stickers that reminded me of her everyday – not to mention everyday I get in the car I’m reminded of her as she sat in that exact seat for many years – thanks Zia (cross your fingers that my car sells soon))
3 packets of Painaid PMF (love this stuff!)

And the contents of the cubby hole under the armrest:
Whole crapload of change in the bottom (Obviously a bad habit I picked up from my brother…. or simply that those little coin holders got full – either or)
2 packs of Kleenex (That I KNOW my Mom has used! haha)
Baby Wipes
2 flashlights
1 sharpened pencil
1 UN sharpened pencil

Now wait a minute……… there’s a reason for those pencils…….. I wanted to do a crossword puzzle one day while I waited for my son and so I grabbed a pencil, before leaving I wanted to make sure the eraser worked, well it didn’t, so I grabbed the un-sharpened pencil because it had a good eraser!

Case for glasses (Cuz ya know sometimes when I’m driving I just decide hey I don’t need to wear my glasses anymore I think I’ll just drive like half the other people in this town do – like I’m freakin blind!)
2 straws
2 notepads
More wet wipes

And there’s my backseat – see totally clean Mom!! I have NO idea what you’re talking about I have a lot of stuff in my car.

Contents of backseat:
Dictionary (for those damn crossword puzzles)
Recipe Folder (I plan meals and write the grocery list while I wait for my son)
10 magazines (tucked neatly away in my Ralph Lauren bag)
My son’s booster seat
And a crossword puzzle book

And finally my trunk…….

My Zia’a umbrella
License plate cover for front of car
And a bag that I need to return to a friend – with a card in it – and it’s been riding around in my trunk for so long that I don’t remember what the card says!

So….. seeing the list makes it sound like there’s a lot of shit in my car – but look MA it’s nice and clean! Neatly tucked away so next time you ride with me you’ll have kleenex, eye drops, something to read and sunglasses to block the sun! haha

Hope you ALL play along! I’m excited to see/hear whatcha got!


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13 Responses to “my car does NOT look like my purse Mom!”

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LOL. You killllllllllllll me. Great, now I have to clean my car so I can photograph the inside so it lives up to yours. That’ll be my fun Friday night activity. Sheesh!

Well, you know how OC my hubby is so I’m sure you know what the inside of the pickup looks like. Absolutely spotless! Stuff on the dash? No way!!! Never happen. He’s always saying, “Knock the dirt of your shoes before you get in.” HA Uh… yeah, I know already. No pics so you’ll have to take my word for it. Stuff in the glove compartment (do people ever keep gloves in there?!) includes items like: bottle of aspirin, small pack of tissues, registration, proof of insurance, penlight, ballpoint pen. Console cubby has items like: quarters in a ziploc bag for the carwash, CD’s, sunglasses, mini Atlas. Hmmmm… that’s about it. Absolutely nothing under the seats or on the seats or in the little compartments in the doors. Boring, huh!

Okay, now tell us what is in your ‘junk drawer’, reformattingmybrain. I know every house has one. You know… that catch-all drawer that all the ‘junk’ migrates to!! heh-heh

Alright you asked for it – next up will be the junk drawer 🙂 Wait……. which one?

My purse was pretty good, but the CAR….HORRIBLE! I have had the car for 9 years (6 of which were paid off), so I’ve stopped caring about it long ago. Inside there is a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, toys, pacifier, change, stack of bank deposit envelopes (b/c they never have any at the drive through ATM), and pens. As for the trunk, here is the bizarre list: crowbar (I don’t even know why), emergency kit, a piece of carpet (when I transported plants 4 years ago), an old afghan for picnics, a bottle of water, other strange tools my husband left, and still enough room for some groceries. I’m not even going to mention the junk drawer. Now I feel guilty, thanks a lot. 🙂

freckle face girl: That’s great. You know someday you’ll need one of those crazy tools or maybe that crowbar (not sure why – but maybe just maybe) and then you can laugh at all of us who have nothing in our cars.

I don’t have my car handy today (I carpool) so I will have to go off of memory.
A black trash bag (I think I put this in my glove box in case I ever needed it to clean out my car)
pair of winter gloves
2 pens
car registration, insurance and other related paperwork
random notes and bulletins from church
tapes of some church sermons
the Elvis cd’s that my dad burned for me
a full cd carrying case
the empty cd cases from my cd’s in the door pockets driver and passenger
A grocery bag that I use for small trash that has about 5 things in it.
winter coat for me
D’s gameboy and games in the carrying case
about 10 children’s books in the back pockets of the seats
Pop Tart wrapper
CD player with headphones (for D)
A Bionicle Toy from McDonalds
Wrapper from said Bionicle toy
empty diet pepsi can
In the trunk:
3 empty and 1 partially empty 12 packs of diet pepsi ( i wrote about this addiction on my blog today)
3 fold up travel chairs
picnic blanket
2 bunjee cords
partial container of anti freeze

And a dead wasp in the back window.

Save that wasp. You might need some protein one day! My car is clean but needs to be washed. My junk drawer…yippy-skippy, saved by the bell. Sorry!!

It’s okay all – I can totally sneak over and check that junk drawer – although, I was just in it yesterday (looking for the spanking stick) and it appeared to be pretty clean. 🙂

HMMMMM . . . I remember that interior!!! Enjoy the umbrella – it’s a brand new St. Monica one. I never used it, but the parents were nice enough to give it to me one day when I was out doing carpool in the pouring rain!!! I guess they felt sorry for me!

I don’t have a junk drawer. I have a junk cupboard. I onlyhave 5 small drawers and was not going to waste them on junk.
I don’t even want to think about what is in there. I honestly don’t think that it has been cleaned out since I moved here 5 years ago.

OK, so I looked in my junk drawer for some gum to take to school. While in there, I decided to pitch any junk. I threw away three things so far: the alphabet cut from the back of a cereal box, must be my grandson, the back of a hair-dye box so I didn’t forget what color I use and…OK a bottle of rubber cement that was so old the brush was cemented to the inside of the bottle. Maybe tonight I will find some more goodies.

Alright…… my junk drawer
Single Hole Punch
Whole lotta paperclips
Pencil Lead (ONLY .7 – I break .5)
3 pair of Scissors
A receipt from Pamida
3 dispensers of tape
Pizza Hut Coupons (which we never use)
Enough Video Hot Spot coupons to rent movies free for a few months and yet we still continue to pay for them when we go – how dumb are we?!
Post Its
Fun shaped scissors
Key holder for spare house key (good freakin place for this huh!)
Address labels
Glue Sticks
Cork for Wine Bottle
Sticky tack
Rubber door bumpers
The handle for my window to crank it out
A button from when my brother was in basketball in high school – OMG he looks SO little!
Notepad for groceries
Bobby Pins
16 cents in change! WooHoo!!
Allen wrench
Push Pins
Extra button for shirt (not a clue which one)
And a Rock!!! WTF!

My junk drawer sounds kinda scary – but hey it’s called a junk drawer for a reason. I actually didn’t think there was that much in here.

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