hating today

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I’m here to advise you not to shop with Best Price Cameras. Here is my experience with them. I guess shop if you dare.

As I said in my last post I ordered a new camera. I originally ordered from Amazon however I stumbled on this site later that same night. Seeing I could get the same camera, with a few different items in the package for $125 less I decided to cancel my order at Amazon and order with these guys. I e-mailed them the next day asking if I could get the UPS tracking # so I could follow my order. I received an automated response saying they would not be getting my information as it takes 48 to 72 hours. Okay, they’re busy….

Well this morning I get an e-mail from a man named Ken. Wow…. great they got to this soon, excellent. I now have his name, number and extension and this e-mail says to call him. So I do…….. it goes downhill from here…….

After sitting on hold for about 15 minutes and him coming on the line every few minutes saying “Hold on” I was finally connected with him. First of all him coming on the line saying “Hold On” (in my opinion) is not the way to handle calls, do we not teach people to use please anymore? Anyway….. I now know that I’m talking to a Mexican man named Ken, Yes I just said a Mexican man named Ken – I know…… weird as hell but whatever. Here’s the conversation……….

Me: Hi Ken, I’m calling to get the UPS tracking number for my order as I said in my e-mail.
Ken: I see you ordered the Canon blah blah blah with the blah blah blah lenses.
Me: Yes, I did
Ken: Well how about we switch those lenses for the blah blah blah lenses.
Me: No I’d like to keep my order the same as it is.
Ken: Well you’re ordering a very nice camera
Me: Yes, I know that
Ken: Well I don’t think these lenses are good. I think you should switch to these lenses
Me: No I’d like to keep my order the same thanks, can I please get the UPS tracking number
Ken: Well you won’t like these lenses
Me: How do you know what I like?
Ken: Well everybody that orders this camera returns it
Me: (thinking)Wow……. does Canon know you talk about their products like that?
Me: (saying) Well I’ll be the judge of whether I want to return the camera or not.
Ken: Well we can switch them out and I’ll give them to you for half price.
Me: I’d like my order as I ordered it and I’d like to get the UPS tracking number. I don’t want to switch lenses.
Ken: I’ll go ask my manager if I can do that.
Me: Ken…. I would like to keep the order the same and I would like the UPS tracking number.
Ken: You’ll get that number when the product ships.
Me: And that will be when?
Ken: I really think you should switch lenses.
Me: When will my order ship!?
Ken: Fine…. it will ship in 7 to 10 weeks and you’ll get the UPS tracking number then.
Me: What! The e-mail said this would ship immediately.
Ken: Well it’s back-ordered now.

And he hung up on me…………

Wow…… ummmm so because I would’t switch lenses and give them 300 more dollars they put my order on “back-order”.

As I sat here pondering what to do I became increasingly pissed off as I usually do. Deciding not to hold this in – I called them back to cancel my order and give Ken a piece of my mind about his customer service skills. As I sat on hold for 20 minutes with him coming back on the line every few minutes as he did before saying “Hold On” I became more pissed. At one point he asked who was calling so he could look up my order…… shit….. I give him my name and sat on hold for another 10 minutes…… after the last call I can’t help but assume he’s doing this on purpose to be a jerk. Finally I’m connected to him. Here we go again.

Ken: What can I do.
Me: I would like to cancel my order # blah blah blah
Ken: Now…. what did we do with this order last time?
Me: We did nothing with this order, you tried to get to switch lenses, I said No and you told me my order was now on back-order after I said I would not switch lenses.
Ken: Oh yes…….
Me: I would like to cancel my order.
Ken: I don’t know why.
Me: Because I was not happy with your customer service during my last call.
Me: You were rude and when I told you No, I don’t want to switch lenses you continued trying to get me to switch lenses and telling me I wouldn’t like the camera and I’d be sending it back. Let me be the judge of that – YOU don’t need to tell me what I like! When you were not able to talk me into switching lenses my order that was supposed to ship immediately was now changed to being on back-order.
Ken: I don’t know what I did.
Me: You were rude on the phone and I’m not dealing with a company like that.
Ken: I didn’t do anything.
Ken: I didn’t do anything…….
Ken: What did I do….
Me: You were rude and now you sound like a 13 year old who’s just been busted doing something wrong in school and he’s arguing with the teacher.

I can thank my Mom for that thought there…… she just told me a story about a boy in her class who kept saying “I’m not doing anything.” Well duh idiot….. that’s the point and you’re now admitting it, but he wasn’t smart enough to figure out what he was saying. haha And this is exactly what this guy sounded like – I wish I had him recorded cuz it was pathetic. It seriously sounded like a kid trying to get out of trouble.

Me: I would like my order cancelled and I would like confirmation of this order being cancelled. I will no longer be doing business with this company.
Ken: Okay, well I’ll cancel it, but I don’t know why…….
And he once again hung up on me.

I’ve yet to see a confirmation of my order being cancelled. I’ve called in an effort to speak with somebody different. And you cannot get thru the menu – it’s a never-ending loop, anytime you press a button it starts the menu over. I guess lesson learned to not shop here, but I sure hope it’s over and I don’t continue having problems, like they send the damn camera anyway – 10 weeks later!


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8 Responses to “hating today”

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Hey jamie — call back and deal with the pain of ken for a minute. when you get him, ask to speak to a supervisor. just keep repeating that until he gets you one. it works, i promise! Find that mean bone again, girl!

Wow!!! I have to deal with customers and clients on a regular basis and let me tell you, if I talked to a customer that way or hung up on them I would be out of here so fast that I would NOT pass go OR collect $200 dollars.
That is one of the worst examples of customer service that I have ever heard. I hope they cancel your order.
That pissed me off and it isn’t even my situation.

AND last night I get a call from a telemarketer – put them on speaker phone so my son could listen – I thought that kid was going to fall out of his chair from silently laughing! The obviously gay man kept saying Hi, my name is Sunshine Star, Did I call (me), this is Sunshine Star…… over and over and over until I just hung up. I told him the night before I wasn’t interested.

And another guy called here and when I told him I had already received a call from his company a little bit earlier he said I know but…….. I said No I don’t think you understand – when I say I’m not interested and I’ve already been contacted by your company that means you shut the hell up and let me get back to my business.

Why Why Why……… I was totally nice to these people to begin with!! Why do they have to be assholes!

Way to give him a piece of your mind! I HATE dealing with these kinds of people!

Far too many of these online stores are like this. I just LOVE the ones that you order from, and then you get an email stating there is a problem with your credit card and you need to call them back, only when you call back, all they want to do is sell you more stuff. Any more, if they say there is a problem with my credit card, I check with my credit card company (who always tells me everything is just fine) and then I call them back and give them a piece of my mind.

I know full well that righteous anger….

I’ve now cancelled my credit card so at least the jerks don’t have that information anymore. It’s so frustrating!

Okay, let’s put our heads together and come up with some creative ways to get rid of telemarketers. I received an email with some suggestions quite some time ago but no longer have it.

Hmmm…. let me see… how about this for starters?

What is your name? What is your home phone number? What time do you get off work? What time do you usually sit down to dinner. Just a sec, I’m writing this all down so I can call you at YOUR home while you’re either eating dinner, watching TV, or spending some time with your family.

Oh my heck! What a pain in the butt! Sounds like you handled it well (especially canceling the credit card). Want us all to call Ken? 🙂

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