teach my kid smoking is bad period… not how to do it carefully!

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Yesterday I was quite shocked, and extremely upset, about a pamphlet my son brought home from school. It talks about how to smoke carefully so you don’t cause a fire. I really don’t think that’s appropriate for my 2nd grader! It says in this pamphlet 40% of cigarette fire victims are 65 or older….. so give this to them! I think they need it more than my 2nd grader! I’m proud to say I haven’t caught my son smoking……. wtf!! They also state in here… Smoking is the #1 cause of residential fire deaths. So….. instead of teaching these kids how to smoke carefully – maybe you should teach these kids to NOT smoke. Here’s a section on Practice Fire Safety: Ashtrays – Use large, deep, non-top ashtrays with wide lips, Never place ashtrays on the arms of furniture, Dip the butts in water to make sure they are out before disposing or fill the ashtray with water before emptying, Empty ashtrays in the toilet or airtight metal container, empty ashtrays often. Wonderful… my son really needed that info, now he can buy himself an ashtray when he saves up some money. OMG! Oh and Furniture – Never smoke in bed or while reclining in upholstered furniture, check beds, chairs or couches for smoldering butts or ashes after someone has been smoking, buy smolder-resistant bedding and upholstered furniture, replace mattresses made prior to the 1973 Federal Mattress Flammability Standard. Well good thing, now I won’t find my son smoking in bed or in my chair – Phew, I’m glad you guys covered that one for me! Oh hey! Here are some safe habits for these kids to follow: Do not leave a burning cigarette unattended, if you begin to feel drowsy while smoking, put your cigarette out.

I’m not one of those parent who’s going to go to school, barge in all pissed off and create a huge scene over a pamphlet, I’m just here bitchin instead! Once again I didn’t name this reformattingmybrain for nothing. So I’ve said my peace, I think this pamphlet was NOT appropriate for these kids. What do you have to say?


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I definitely agree. This is not appropriate reading material for any grade school or middle school student. And if I were you I WOULD say something to the school administrators.

Why in the world would you give that to children at school. I guess I can understand the need for something like that but dang, attach it to the packs of cigarettes that people are buying. Don’t send it home with our impressionable youth.

freevolition: Have you ever tried talking to our school administrators…… if you don’t have the correct last name – you’re a peon to them.

Rachel: That’s a wonderful idea – it’s not my 2nd grader that needs this information.

I feel as if this pamphlet will give the kids the idea it’s okay to smoke, just as long as you do it carefully so you don’t start a fire. Like the only thing bad about smoking is it can cause a fire.

Oh rest assured, they would learn to know my last name. heh-heh

freevolition: Yes, you are right……. I could make it so they’d KNOW my last name….. thing is, it wouldn’t be the RIGHT last name – ya know what I mean….. kinda like other departments in this town (SPD) (RCSO). It’s ALL about who you are in this town.

Hey — I noticed my comment from before was missing — I didn’t mean to offend you! All I was thinking was why the administration would send out those pamphlets — isn’t it “fire prevention week” too? I re-read what you said about “giving kids the idea it was okay to smoke as long as they didn’t start a fire.” I didn’t think about it like that!

As far as the law enforcement… I can’t speak for the SPD anymore (my dad was a city cop about a million years ago) but I do know the sheriff (and more specifically the undersheriff — since, you know, he’s my dad and stuff) does his best to serve and protect everyone — no matter their last name.

I have first hand knowledge of what the SPD and RCSO do behind the scenes. I have seen many of people let off of situation from both the administration of the SPD and RCSO. Let me tell you, if you do have the right name in this town, you are golden. I have also been involve in instances where unamed RCSO personal refused to answer complaints because they person was heading towards town and they figured that the SPD could deal with it. As to Fire prevention week, the school should be teaching the children not to smoke rather that giving them pamphlets on how to do it without starting a fire. This is the same concept of telling minors were to set their beer while driving.

“I have first hand knowledge of what the SPD and RCSO do behind the scenes.”

As do I. And I agree completely.

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