funny time from my Dad

Posted on 11 October 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life |

My Dad is SO awesome…. so today, I’m posting an e-mail he sent me the other day out of the clear blue sky. I wish I could think of random shit just like that 🙂

Dad’s E-mail: Government Study
I was reading in the paper today that the government just issued a report of a study done by Berkley University of single and two parent families. After $150,000 and 2 years they discovered that at least 99% of these families have kids.
It just goes to show, wherever you go, there you are.
Reminds me of when I got stuck in the pencil sharpener and thought I was going to suffocate in pencil shavings.


I had to stop and answer the phone, that’s why the spaces.
Albert wants the car trailer to load a bunch of stuff. He’s moving into the old Noyes Appliance building in Fairview.
I suppose you’re getting tired of reading this so I’ll start writing slower. Tell me when you’ve caught up and I’ll start writing faster.
I started reading that book about God, you know the one, Lord of the Rings. I didn’t know he was so short.
I guess that would be right though, most Rulers are only 12″.
I was going to get the clock in the living room cleaned but I’m having second thoughts, the last time I had my clock cleaned
I woke up with a horrible headache (I know what you’re thinking, you mean skull cramps, you have to have a brain to have a headache).
Speaking of, I’ think I’ll quit, my head is starting to hurt.

Dad’s next e-mail (3 minutes later):
I forgot to ask, if you hold a fan to your ears, do your eyes spin?

My Reply:
Not only am I laughing my ass off at this, I’m also asking for permission to blog this today? You are hilarious!

Dad’s reply to my request:
Blig, blag, blog, bloog, blooger, bloogee, bloogermost, blogging, blagging, blagging with my blogger, bloggering with my blagger, blooging on top of the blog, what the blog is going on here, I have not yet began to blog, I regret I have but one blog to give to my country, One small blog for man one big blog for mankind, I better quit, this could go on forever


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10 Responses to “funny time from my Dad”

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Your dad is SOOOOO cool! Wish I had a dad like that, because I dearly love to laugh and he makes me laugh. *laughing right now*

LOL. that is great. He sounds as off the wall as my best friend. Linear thinking is NOT his friend.

Can I just express how insanely jealous I am that you have a dad that cool!?

I hope you love and cherish him and never take him for granted, he sounds fabulous.

Geesh…enough sapiness, this is totally abnormal for me.

To All: I KNOW I have the greatest Dad. I could be here all day typing… telling the world how fabulous he is to me and how much he does for me. He’s super funny, super smart and super talented! And I’m the lucky one (which doesn’t happen very often) to say “Hell Ya my Dad’s AWESOME”!

He is so funny. It is great to get an e-mail that makes your day.

Fairview…. As in Fairview Heights, IL? Did you happen to grow up in that area? Am dying to know!

And thanks for the visit. I’m loving your blog!

Hey, me again. Tried to comment on another entry and it wouldn’t let me….

The smoking thing? Gah! At one point I started laughing. I thought you were JOKING. THen I reread and realize, nope! You weren’t!

You should play spf today… you already have good pics for it… 🙂

FFG: I know what you mean….. coming down to my office and getting an e-mail like that is the greatest.

Lisa B: Nope… bummer… cuz I’m guessing you’re from around there. The Fariview we’re talking is right smack dab on the Montana/North Dakota border.

Lisa B: Yes….. the smoking thing….. Ugg….. That was real and it was real awful. Sorry, yes I closed the comments on that post.

RaeLeigh: I thought about it, but when I finished working at 10 pm I wanted to go to bed, so once again I’m missing out on that fun game, but I’ll surely be checking your out.

Hey thanks for checking out my spf — as far as good places to go around there… the river (where you guys went) or a little farther up (down? i dont know) stream at the mdu bridge… as far as I know the riverbank is the only place in the county to find more than 2 trees at the same time. 🙂 I would love to get an arial shot of that area sometime…

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