i don’t need that want ad now

Posted on 16 October 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life |

I was thinking earlier tonight about posting a want ad here on my blog: “Wanted Another “ME” to help with daily life” BUT….. I think I have some help after tonight. 🙂 Right…… but this was funny. My boyfriend and son were out in the garage cutting up the Antelope he shot. My son came in after a while saying he was too cold, I didn’t think anything of it, it’s cold out there. Supper conversation rolled around and my boyfriend said my son wouldn’t be hunting because he didn’t want to have to gut the antelope or skin it and cut it up. The point was then brought up that when I go hunting I don’t have to do these things. My son said this wasn’t fair. To which my boyfriend replied (this is great) “But she cleans the house, does the laundry, does the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, and works a full time job on top of all that, so she can get out of gutting, skinning and cutting her Deer.” I of course am sitting there in total shock – thinking holy shit(!) he’s finally realized all I do around here! Sweet – I’ll be getting lots of help now! And then…… I got the look and this…… “Did I just score some major brownie points?” Aaaaaaahhh See what a woman gets for thinkin a man is going to help with the house! Geesh 🙂 It was absolutely hilarious and I must say my boyfriend does help out around here. Except for cleaning toilets – he says it’s not the sticking his hand in the toilet that gets him, it’s the splatters that are left there! Well….. hello…….. whose splatters are those sweetie?! hmmmmm Guys are so funny. So I guess I still need to post that want ad – bummer. But yes…. he scored some brownie points for that and I got help with the dishes after supper! 🙂


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6 Responses to “i don’t need that want ad now”

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Yeah, I don’t get WHY they freak out about having to clean up THAT when the “splatters” clearly are THEIRS. MEN! Gah.

Yeah it cracked me up when he told me that one! I even offered him the gloves! He cleaned all the rest of the bathroom but asked if I’d “finish”. Geesh! He’s SO lucky I love him 🙂

Good thing he didn’t decide it would be a good idea for you to start doing that… yuck! 🙂

I have my son brainwashed. He would rather clean the bathroom than empty the dishwasher. That job he absolutely HATES.

As being a guy my self i know for a fact that your man appreciates everything that you do for him. he probably knows full well what you have to put up with at work and then having to do house chores on top of it. I bet he will be more than happy to help. all you have to do is give him that look that women have been trained to give to get what they want. Also i bet he is totally thankful for having you in his life and loves you more than anything.

FFG: His decision would have been overthrown 🙂 had he decided to try that.

Rachel: Wow – I HATE emptying the dishwasher – I would rather clean the bathroom too! Weird! I would actually rather do dishes by hand than empty the dishwasher.

You Know Who: If men know all that then why don’t they just help out instead of waiting for “the look”? Just wondering.

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