first buck, first day of season, first hunt with my man

Posted on 23 October 2006. Filed under: first buck, hunting |

Wow…… we’ve waited and waited for hunting season to finally be here, and……… there it went, we’re done. We headed out at 6 am for about an hour drive to our destination and by about 10 am my hunting season was over. That can make a person happy and sad all at the same time. This was my first time hunting with my boyfriend, one of his buddies went along also, it was the first day of the season and I got my first buck! A great day of firsts! I owe a huge thanks to the guys for dragging my deer out. I forgot the camera that morning so I wanted to get it out whole (if possible) to take pics when we got back. And them being the great guys they are, did just that for me. It was a drag, let me tell you. I’m SO bummed we didn’t have the camera so you could see where we were. Anyway…… here’s my first buck!

My boyfriend also got his deer yesterday. Thanks to me spotting it 😉 haha No really I did spot it 🙂 He’s not usually one for sitting and waiting, he’d rather be out walking. His buddy was along and he doesn’t like to walk at all. Which turned out to be a really good thing!

And we had to have a picture together since it was 1st buck (for me), 1st day of season and 1st hunt with my man.

*Came back to update cuz I forgot a very cool part of this day!  We stopped to talk to 3 other hunters we met along the way. Two of them were from New York – OMG I love(!) their accent! Anyway, they were super nice and asked if I’d take a picture with my buck so they could take it back to New York to show them what girls in Montana do! 🙂 How cool! My picture will be in New York!!


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11 Responses to “first buck, first day of season, first hunt with my man”

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This was without a doubt the best day of hunting that i have ever had. this is not the biggest buck that i have ever shot but having my girlfriend there with me made it so much better. This is the first whitetail buck that i have ever shot so it made it real special to share it with her. She did a great job on getting her first buck(which is ten times better than my first buck). neither are massive record bucks but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Once again thanks for coming sweety and hope we have many more hunts through out the years. LOVE YOU!!!!

*sniff* *sniff* Oh my gosh, I just bawled my eyes out! Thanks for taking me! You’re on for next year! 🙂 Love You 2!

Awesome, you guys! I was wondering… where is your orange?! And then I read that you took the pictures later. Now the ‘fun’ part comes; cutting and packaging all that meat!

His and hers carcasses!

Congrats. My dad and brother hunt too. They are gearing up for bow season which will start in this area in November.

Ha ha! Look at that big ol’ grin! I was going to comment on the huge lack of orange too Jamie, but then saw that you went back. Very nice buck — good job!! 🙂

Looks like your freezer will be full! 🙂

freevolition: Ya no kidding – but it’ll be worth it – mmm mmm yummy!

Lisa B: I want to try pulling back a bow – not sure my weak little arms could do it – but someday I’m going to try.

RaeLeigh: Yes, everybody’s worried about the orange. 1st of all – I wore it while hunting, I didn’t want to get shot man! 2nd of all – I SO don’t look good in orange and I wasn’t going to ruin a good pick by wearing yucky orange! 🙂 hehe

FFG: Actually, it’s more like this “Looks like we’ll be buying a freezer!” Ugggg One more bill 😦 But it’s worth it.

Jamie! Of course you could bow hunt! You took freshman PE didn’t you? How hard could it be? 😉 (That was a JOKE)

I look terrible in orange too — yuck.

Congrats on both getting bucks your first time out hunting this year.
I sit next to someone who is an avid hunter and he talked ad naseum the other day about how to field dress your meat, the perils of losing the back strap at the butcher etc. etc.etc.

Just don’t go hunting with Dick Cheney.

Send me some deer sausage, please.

Awesome score… And hello from New York!

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