our scare tonight

Posted on 25 October 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life, kids |

Another busy night at our house. Mom cleaning house and making supper. Man skinning deer. Son mowing lawn and playing with neighbor kids. After skinning the deer, my man called me outside to get a few pics. After shooting some pics of the deer I conned my son into a few pics, which later turned into a nightmare, at least I think this is probably where he got it. I had him stand by the trees for a pic. After coming inside, I continued cooking supper and my son went into his room to put his stuff away. Seconds later I heard my son screaming as he came running out of his room minus his shirt. Not only did my heart sink from the screaming, but when he came around the corner he was holding his throat. I was ready to pack him up and take him to ER. I was on the phone to Gramma and my boyfriend was on the phone to his brother-in-law, who is a doctor. My son just kept screaming and holding his throat saying something was poking him. Soon after I saw two white bumps appear. At this point I had decided he had to have been bit by something and since he had ripped his shirt off, I was assuming it was something in his shirt, which meant it was still in his bedroom. My boyfriend headed into the bedroom and discovered our culprit. A damn wasp had stung my son twice. Thank goodness just minutes later he said the stinging had gone away, so all we had left were a couple white bumps and a lot of red rash from scratching. Wow – what a way to make my heart sink when my son comes out of his room minus his shirt, holding his throat and screaming.


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3 Responses to “our scare tonight”

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Poor little guy! I sure feel bad that he got stung. Twice! And poor mom for having such a fright!

Aw, J! That sucks buddy. Pretty scary for mom too. Glad everything turned out ok.

That would freak any mom out. I guess you know now that he isn’t allergic to stings.

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