kids say the darndest

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Hi! Remember me! 🙂 It’s been SO busy here. We’ve been busy cutting up deer (oops, I mean my boyfriend has been cutting up deer), hanging new shutters on the house, mowing the lawn for the last time before the snow flies and tending to all the other usual to do list items. This weekend we also had my boyfriends daughter here with us. So with two kids running around, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to pee alone….. I’ve also forgotten what a clean kitchen looks like….. I forgot what silence sounds like……. I never really knew what it meant to sit, I swear I have ADD sometimes…… but as always we squeeze in fun times. 😛 Today while the guys played a video game, during my boyfriends break from cutting up deer (his hands were frozen), his daughter and I went to the store to buy batteries for a toy the kids had been wanting to play with. For those of you mommies out there (or anybody for that matter that’s been around little kids), you all know that at times the word “Why” should be considered a dirty word…….. Hey that’s it I’m teaching my next kid that “Why” is a naughty word!! Sweet 😛 haha Anyway……. after hearing “Why?” fifteen thousand times I resorted to “Because I said so”. So we arrive back at home after buying batteries and this was the conversation between me and my boyfriends daughter:

Me: Okay, I’ll get the bag and my purse and help you out and then you walk to the house.
Kid: No! I want you to carry me. (Insert little girl whiny voice)
Me: But I need to carry this stuff and you can walk.
Kid: But I want you to carry me. (Insert super whiny voice)
Me: Why do I NEED to carry you?
Kid: Because I said so! (In a super cute happy voice, you know the one…… haha bitch I got you!)

Me: *thinking* OMG What in the hell have I done! Damn Damn Damn Why do kids gotta pick up on that!

It was absolutely hilarious – but NOT one of those things you can bust out laughing at, not at THAT moment anyway, I waited until she was out of sight inside and then I busted out laughing.

This was too cute of a moment! They’re not fighting OR whining! Wow! Yeah!

See those cute shoes there. Those would be the shoes we had to go buy because her mother is obviously preoccupied with other things 😦 Not only did she send clothes that were too small and didn’t match(!), but her damn shoes were too small too! Seriously, it was like trying to dress the kid in polka dots and stripes! The kid is two and she even saw a shirt in her suitcase and said “That’s too small!” And when her mother was called and asked why all her stuff was too small…… 1st of all, she said as long as she’s clean then it shouldn’t matter (What!) and 2nd of all, we should just go buy her new clothes then. Reason SHE isn’t buying new clothes….. because she uses “the check” for other things (insert me cussing a whole freakin lot right here). So we did buy her some new clothes, but they are staying here at our house, so when she’s here we can dress her in clothes that are 1. not dirty hand me downs and 2. they fit her. Awful ex-wives is a subject I could go on and on and on about forever. Oh and get this – we pick her up and she’s been licking her lips so much that even her skin all around her lips is cracked and dry! Ummm…… hello! Why don’t we put something on that! So I bought some Carmex and put it on for the two days she was here and voila! By the time we took her back, her lips were good as new! I wanted to (I refrained – but it was hard) send a note home in her suitcase with the Carmex with instructions telling her to put it on throughout the day and after meals (since it gets wiped off after washing her face). Why in the hell would you let your kid run around with chapped skin so bad that it’s hurting her! Anyway…… if I continue bitching about all the stupid stuff she’s done, like not buckling her up in her carseat (cuz it’s just a short way), we’d be here all night.


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7 Responses to “kids say the darndest”

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I am not the problem (the ex) in my situation. The step mom is the problem right along with Butthead (D’s dad).
Butthead thinks that $47 per week for child support is highway robbery and that I shouldn’t get anything.
I buy all of D’s new clothes and they send him home wth hand me downs from her older boys.
I make sure that I buy 2 sets of clothes. The good ones that stay at my house (name brand stuff) and the Target and Wal-Mart stuff that goes to his house that I don’t care if I get back or not. I end up getting it back eventually but am never sure if it comes back in the same condition.
Step-monster ruined a brand new pair of cords and a polo shirt with bleach and convinced Butthead that I sent him that way.
Bitch!~ I don’t even USE regular bleach. I only use color safe.
I could go on for pages too.

Rachel: The amount of money that the ex gets in our situation is un-&$@^$%! real! What’s more crap is when she calls here saying she needs that money because SHE needs new contacts! WTF – who the hell are we supporting here! That’s crap that you’re having to buy two sets of clothing! We bought the clothes and shoes and are keeping them here so we have not only matching clothes, but clothes that fit also. She’s getting all that money and when confronted she tells us to go buy new clothes! Geezes woman we just sent YOU all the damn money! We’re effin broke now! So we send her money and she uses it for who the hell knows what and we still have to go buy more clothes. In my opinion….. there are situations such as ours that I believe the ex-bitch should be providing receipts as to where that money is being spent, since CLEARLY it’s NOT going to the kid!! This will piss me off till the day I die. Sorry about the step monster – these are all shitty situations. Glad to hear there is a good ex-wife out there! 🙂

Reading about the ex pisses me off for you guys. Sadly, I’ve heard of this before. My good friend’s brother dated a girl and had kids with her. The woman is horrible. Sometimes she doesn’t even sent clothes with the child. And from what he says, he’s pretty much on his own when he’s at his mom’s. The dad has a whole wordrobe for the kid at his house.

I bet it makes your honey appreciate you SO MUCH MORE! I bet he’s ready to cook dinner and pamper you after dealing with that mess.

It sad that a mom would act like that. Good thing, she can come to your house & experience normal for a while. 🙂

I’m with FFG on this one. Geez! Exes are insane – I stopped dating men who had kids just for that fact (and they are hard to find once you’re over 21!)

My best friend’s boyfriend had a daughter and the mom would only send her over in 1) her bathing suit (for swimming at the grandparents) 2) her ballet clothes (for class) or 3) pajamas. They were constantly buying new clothes – and having to send her home in them because they couldn’t leave her in PJs all day.

This is my idea….. when the kid needs something the ex-bitch can go buy it and then send a receipt – at least these poor guys would know where their money is going. Seriously how can you spend 300 or 400 dollars on a kid in a month! And I don’t go for the shit of well some goes to the roof over their head and some goes to the vehicle and yada yada yada becasue all those women need a roof over their head and a vehicle to drive also so in my opinion that’s a bunch of bullshit. I think another reason she sends crappy clothes is….. she thinks we’ll see that and go buy her some and send them home – eeeeh wrong! We’ll buy them, but I’ll be damned if I allow them to go back home with her. She HAS money to go buy clothes so no way in hell would I send that stuff back. Not to mention she could get off her lazy ass and go get a job, like the rest of us working mothers. I don’t understand how the courts can slap these huge child support amounts on these guys and expect them to make a living still – I guess the women can live in luxury WITH the kid and the guy gets screwed bigger than life WITHOUT the kid – even tho it’s HIS money that’s “supposed to be ” paying for the kid. I just don’t get it and I guess I never will. I’ll live my life hating the court system and thinking it’s a bunch of bs. I know one guy who was paying like 750 bucks for one kid! WTF! Now explain this to me – this guy works his ass off to be where he is and just because he’s successful and the woman is a phsychotic bitch and wanted a divorce he has to pay that kind of money for 1(!) kid! WTF!!!!!

Yes, WHY is a bad word.

Whatever you guys buy for that girl, keep it at your house. Seriously.

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