our great news!

Posted on 2 November 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life, Kid Time |

Hello my blogging friends! We have great news! We’re having a baby! My doctor I was going to go to here is not able to take on prenatal care as the doctor who would deliver is in and out sick lately, they are not sure if he’s going to continue practicing. I have two choices if I stay here, two males, one of whom I refuse to go to, and the other I just don’t feel comfortable with. So I’ll doctor out of town with a female doctor that my doctor referred me to. A couple weeks ago we were looking at rings and talking marriage. (My ring will actually be here tomorrow.) But now too add to the fun, we’re talking marriage and baby!


*Here I am again….. my man said “All you talked about was the doctor, not even the finding out”. So I’m back to add to this post. We suspected something was up so I ordered a test off the internet, yeah I’m one of those crazy people who ordered their pregnancy test because I hate going to a small town store and in 5 minutes the whole damn town knows and then if you’re not pregnant then you get the pleasure of telling everybody nope I’m not, but yes I bought a test. What a pain. Anyway…… got the test Monday and I wanted to wait for him to get home, but I seriously couldn’t wait – I was WAY to excited to see it be positive. I also had my son’s parent teacher conference to go to that day. I clocked out of work, headed upstairs, grabbed the mail, saw the test in there and ripped into it, racing to the bathroom, peed on the stick and planned on waiting for 3 minutes – but damn after like 30 seconds it appeared! Pregnant! Spelled out for me – didn’t even have to think about how many lines were good and how many lines were bad. Good meaning positive and Bad meaning negative in this situation! 🙂 So there I stood bawling my eyes out, wishing my man was home with me to share in this, and racing to dry my eyes and pull myself together so I could go talk to my son’s teacher. Since the “Pregnant” only stays on the stick for an hour, it wouldn’t be there anymore by the time my man got home from work so I took a picture of it to show him, knowing he’d probably tell me I was kidding him. So there I was taking a million picture of an EPT like a crazy lady, all the while bawling my eyes out and shaking like crazy. So I finished that and pulled myself together and headed to school for the parent teacher conference. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t start crying on the way to the school. I’m SO emotional and cry over everything! But they were happy tears this time! I LOVE happy tears! I managed to make it through the parent teacher conference. Phew! My son decided to spend the night at his Gramma’s on this night. So I was so excited to be able to tell my man the good news. Well it was as usual a busy night. He was out in the garage most of the night cutting up deer and I stayed in to finish working. I didn’t want to show him the picture until he was in the house and I could have him all to myself! He finally came in and cleaned up. I headed downstairs to my office to get the picture, which was ready and waiting, yes I printed the picture of the EPT to show him. I went back upstairs and said “Hey honey, look I just printed this pic to show you – do you like?” He took it and after a few takes of it he said to quit joking – by this time my eyes were once again welling up with tears. He asked where the test was. I grabbed it out of my drawer, where I hid it and told him I took the pic because “Pregnant” only stays on the test for an hour and I wanted him to see it in all it’s glory! 😛 He of course wanted to hurry and tell the world, but I said absolutely nobody knows until after we go to the doctor, it’s just that extra confirmation to make me feel better. So that brought us to yesterday when we went to the doctor and confirmed it and here we are! 5 weeks along and excited as hell! I’m due June 30th. Love ya baby!


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That is so Exciting! Congrats!!!!

That is awesome. Congratulations. Will this be #3 cumulatively?

Congrats! That is wonderful news! And I hear ya about prdering things like that on the web! Congrats again!

Thanks guys! 🙂 My little guy is 7 so I hope I’m ready for diapers and bottles again! Now I have my little helper so that’ll be fun!

What can I say other than I’m SO happy for the both of you because you both are SO happy about the news! That’s a wonderful thing… happiness.
Double congratulations are in order for your upcoming marriage and the baby on the way. Love you bunches, kiddo. Hope you know that.

YEAY! I’m so happy for you all. Wonderful!

Congratulations!!!!! How fun!

More happy news!!!! Congrats to you both!!!!!

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