our PD sucks!

Posted on 5 November 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life |

I can’t stress that enough! First of all, we have drunk people that sit in their car behind our garage. My man called the cops the other day and this is their intelligence. They are to be looking for a small gray car (licence plate # included) and instead they are looking in our big black truck! They don’t ID them, the drunk idiots tell the cop they live there, yet the car comes back with a county address, we live in town, and I personally know they don’t live there because I know the people that live there! So the cop leaves. Well once again my man came home tonight and they are sitting back there again drunk as hell, sitting in the car smoking (who knows what!) and stumbling around every once in a while. Hello jackasses I have a kid here and there are other kids in the neighborhood – I DON’T need drunk idiots sitting behind my garage in the alley! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHEN WE CALL DAMMIT! I’m sure glad the PD is here to serve and protect or whatever jackass line they have down there to make themselves sound all big and bad and shit!

And then…. this is even worse! My Mom’s called the PD three times tonight because the neighbors across the street from her are shooting a freakin gun into the air! Yes – I’ll repeat that – THEY ARE SHOOTING A GUN! Cops drove by once! She called back. They haven’t been back since. So maybe they’ll just wait until somebody is freakin dead and then they’ll freak out and DO something.


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3 Responses to “our PD sucks!”

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Sounds typical…About a year & a half ago, my car got broken into so I called the police. I told them that the window was broken & the person left a screw driver on the passenger seat. I said there were probably finger prints b/c he was an idiot. He didn’t take anything. Actually, he must have accidentally hit the garage door opener (the garage door was open) & he got scared away. You know what they said??? – we take these kinds of reports over the phone. We don’t send cops out for that anymore. Hello!?!?! Finger prints can’t be taken over the phone!!!! That is why Miami has one of the highest car theft in the nation. 🙂

Grrrr. Yeah that would piss me off too.

Go to your city’s web site and there should be a “contact the city” area. I work for a city and we have one- what you e-mail maost likely goes to one central point in teh city managers office and then they disperse it to teh departments. I will tell you that when people do that here- we all know about it quickly and have to act on it quickly. It might get you some action or at least some attention. Have your Mom do the same. I would also keep calling and bugging them. You can also call the non emergency # and ask for the watch commander and complain to them. It helps sometimes!

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