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Once again Christmas is just around the corner and I’m scrambling for ideas, especially for the guys. My son is impossible to buy for. He’s 7, one would think this is extremely easy. He’s not”into” toys like some kids are – if you ask him what he wants, he’s likely to tell you to build him a garage so he can have his own garage door opener and a spot for his jeep (which he’s too big for but he’ll be driving that damn thing when he’s 15 – woo hoo I won’t have to buy a real car!). 😛 Anyway…. a few days back his Gramma picked him up from school, great timing too as she was faced with a question I dreaded him asking – hehe. “So and so told me that Santa isn’t real, is he?” To which she responded with a question “Well, do YOU think he’s real?” My son says “I think Santa is real because that train he brought me last year is really expensive and my mom couldn’t afford it.” hahahaha Okay…… so my kid believes in Santa because I’m broke – it’s a good reason dammit. So does this mean Santa can go cheaper this year or is Santa going to have to bring the ultimate again to keep my baby believing for another year. It’s weird because I had that thought last year, that I wanted to get him exactly what he wanted because I didn’t think he’d be believing much longer. It was probably a good decision, but now what…………. hmmmmmmm……….


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4 Responses to “santa?”

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I got that question this year and I turned it back the exact same way that Grandma did.
My son doesn’t like toys either, but he loves to read and play video games. I am getting him a book light (so that he can read in the car when it get’s dark) a memory card, controller and new game for his Game Cube. I will also look for a boxed set of some kind of series of books. I want to get him a set of Children’s Encyclopedia’s but I don’t know if I can afford them.
I bought him the Charlie Brown ‘Cyclopedia set off of eBay last year (only missing 2 out of 14) for about $15.00. Best invesment that I have made in I don’t know how long. He still re-reads them over and over again.

That is a cute story! One of my younger cousins found out when his mom said, “I’m so glad we don’t have anyone that still believes in Santa this year.” …oooops. 🙂

I have no idea for gifts. The baby is easy, but the hubby…not so much so.

Rachel: Great gift ideas for D. I also got my son some books, as he loves to read and games like Uno Attack and the new Yahtzee game. We love to play games so I’m sure they’ll be a hit. Darn Santa still needs to think of something.

FFG: Aaaaaah man…… oops is right! 😛 Buying for my hubby this year was actually pretty easy, because I just bought him stuff he mentioned he wanted. Even tho he knows one thing, because he was going to go buy one one day and I told him no and wouldn’t take no for an answer so I ended up telling him I already bought him one for christmas.

“Hubby”, Man that looks good, doesn’t it?

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