my dad’s response to my tough day

Posted on 17 November 2006. Filed under: Dad stories, Everyday Life |

Apparently my Dad didn’t feel for me quite as much as the rest of you did. He’s hilarious and this was his e-mail to me after reading about my MSN troubles and my mouse breaking. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff, but he cracks me up! I love ya Dad!

Just finished reading your blog about your tough day. I know how you feel. When I was growing up we had to carve all our letters in stone and sometimes the stone would break half way through the letter and we would have to start all over. I remember hitting my thumb several times with the hammer too or having the chisel fly out of your hand because you hit it wrong and go shooting up right in the middle of my head. I was so happy when they came out with papyrus paper. It was so much lighter but there was still the mess from the charcoal. All the rich kids had hard charcoal and they didn’t get as black as us poor kids did. Then came the regular paper that I think you remember writing on. They had things called pencils that had the charcoal in them, really neat, and you could chew on them if you didn’t get breakfast. Again all the rich kids had pens. It was funny though watching them chew on their pens and getting that liquid charcoal all over their face. It wasn’t too many years later they came out with the phone. Fascinating how you could take a string and 2 tin cans and actually talk to other people. I remember the first cell phone. The prisoners invented that to talk to each other in their cells, yuk, yuk. A little humor along with such a riveting tale, what more could you ask for? Once again my head hurts from thinking back too far.


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4 Responses to “my dad’s response to my tough day”

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He is such a trip! I get a kick out of his e-mails to you!

Heeheee. Thanks for sharing…

Your dad is too funny! I love how detailed he is!

LOL!!! Parents are such a trip!

How are you feeling? Any morning sickness yet?

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