sleepy *yawning*

Posted on 20 November 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Today I’m trying to think of something to do that’ll get me in trouble and maybe my boss will send me to my room 🙂 Then I can sleep! I’m so freakin tired. I swear I pee on the hour at night – I’m not even drinking anything(!) where the hell is it all coming from! Aaaaah!! I seriously can’t even concentrate right now – I’m staring at my computer screen in an attempt to work and it’s blank, I know I have work open, but it’s blank. I also got to listen to the yappy little *#!hole dogs across the alley barking last night. I threw the covers back because I was going to get up, go shut them the *#!* up and then grab the phone book on the way back and call the jerks who let them out. You know ask them how their night is, how they like being woke up at like 3 am and then tell them every single time I get woke up they will too. *Update – Wow I’m so tired I forgot to finish this…… before I could get out of bed, my husband was up and out the back door. Thanks honey.* I even tried to take a nap yesterday evening, my son wanted me to watch a movie with him. I’m thinking sweet(!) sure I’ll watch a movie with you (but I was really thinking sure you watch a movie and I’ll take a nap). This was a good idea until I fell asleep and had that feeling that someone was staring at me – it was my son, staring at me, letting me know I fell asleep. Thanks – argggggg. Okay, I’m going to try this again – I’ll turn my head this way, maybe he won’t notice. Right….. I can hear a tap tap tap…… tap tap tap…… dammit what’s a woman gotta do to get a little sleep around this place. He was tapping his fingers on his chair letting me know once again that I had fallen asleep. He kept saying geesh Mom stay awake so we can watch this. So after this little attempt to get a nap and watch a movie he wanted to look at one of those eye spy books, wonderful, yep I’m seeing straight – come on man! So after searching for all the Monsters Inc. characters and cars and whatever else they decided to hide we finally went to bed. Just as I was dozing off I hear Mooooooommmmm. What? I’m thirsty. So go get a drink of water. Ok. *Mumbling* Now why the hell did he have to wake me up for that. Arrrrrrrggggggg……… I hope ya’ll are having a better day than me.


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7 Responses to “sleepy *yawning*”

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I am so sorry, but I have to laugh. I can just picture it. My husband is taht way with me sometimes when we are watching tv. He always makes sure I wake up as soon as he sees me out. Good luck getting in trouble. Maybe just put our head down on yurd esk and go to sleep. It would get me sent home

MK: Oh how I wish that would work. I work at home in MT and my boss is in WA – she won’t see me! The only trouble I’ll be getting into is not meeting my deadline tomorrow morning and then I won’t get to go to bed – I’ll be stuck here working like a mad woman. She always tells me to put on my superwoman pants – it’s NOT funny anymore. 😛

Ahhh……..The joys of motherhood huh? Well, just think, you’ll sleep when you’re dead. But I completely understand where you are coming from. I would be really pissed if I couldn’t sleep when I wanted. Well hope tomorrow goes much better for ya, and I love ya dearly!

Poor thing! Dontcha just HATE when they catch on that you’ll ‘watch’ a movie with them so you can take a nap. My little one is so smart she has to make sure first that I’m not gonna nap or she won’t ‘watch’ a movie with me. It was so much easier when they didn’t know any better!

Hope you get a good nap in soon!

I try to do the sneaky sleep thing to my hubby all the time and always get caught! Hope tomorrow is better!

Deadlines ruin all the fun! You should teach your son AutoCAD. 🙂

so did you fnd a way to sleep?

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