first doctor appt

Posted on 21 November 2006. Filed under: baby, doctors appt |

Yesterday was my first actual doctors appt. It went well. I was nervous about seeing a male gyno, but he appears to be a really good doctor and I wasn’t as uncomfortable with him as I thought I would be. Okay so I didn’t want to spread my legs….. he kept saying a little more, a little more, he was surely getting only a little more each time he said that, like along the lines of 1 cm more. But we got through it, me feeling like I had to pee the entire time. I have a fibroid pushing on my bladder I found out yesterday. So by the time he was done doing the ultrasound I was ready to pee my pants on the floor and strangle him because it was so uncomfortable. We’ll be watching that – hopefully it’s nothing major. I’m the world’s biggest worrier so of course I’m terrified of anything little thing that’s not exactly right. On a better note, the ultrasound was fun as always, getting to see baby in there. I didn’t see my son until I was about 5 months along, so it was neat to see the baby at only 7 or 8 weeks yesterday. I say 7 or 8 because he thinks we may be a week off so I may only be 7 weeks along instead of 8. I’m going back in 2 weeks to do another ultrasound and hopefully get a better idea of how far along I actually am. My last normal period was late, so it’s possible we are a little off. I have no morning sickness so that’s always a plus while being pregnant – I feel for those of you who are sick on top of being pregnant. I LOVE being pregnant, but the depression sucks! Hopefully I can kick these crappy feelings soon.

On another note……… did I get any sleep last night……. better than the night before, but not the greatest. First of all, my husband and I are going to have to do something about our sleep schedules. I go to bed at 9 pm and usually fall asleep fast at that time. If I get woke up after I fall asleep the first time I’m screwed. Which is exactly what happens because he’ll come to bed much later and then I spend the rest of the night trying to get comfortable again and trying to settle down again and go to sleep. Ugggg…….. When I finally did go back to sleep I woke up at exactly 1:12, my husband was telling me something in his sleep and I had to pee. I don’t know why but I wake up every night at 1:12 – what the heck is up with that! So after being awake once again – I was completely screwed for the remainder of the night, I spent my time tossing and turning and staring at the ceiling and thinking (aaaah thinking…… it’s what I do best and usually end up doing too much of). But(!) NO dogs last night! Yeah!


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8 Responses to “first doctor appt”

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For me, if the baby isn’t waking me up, my husband is. What is it with men? My ultrasounds always showed that I was farther along b/c she was just big. 🙂

FFG: I don’t know – but I want sleep and lots of it. How much did she weigh at birth?

Yeah for seeing the baby! That is so wonderful!!! And exciting! I was lucky that i was able to get many aloong the way. I hate waking up and not being able to go to sleep- tell him if he keeps it up he has to sleep in the other room. Fingers crossed you don;t get morning sickness. i was sick all day all the time!

Yeah for the baby! I remember the first time I saw my little one….I called her my litle blob! (she loves hearing that story)

Glad you finally got some sleep. Lucky dawg you don’t have morning sickness! I was sick the 1st & 3rd trimester like knowones business. No fun!!

Wouldn’t that be funny if the baby came at 1:12 or you woke up and went into labor? Maybe someone’s trying to get you used to that time for some reason. 😉

Happy gobble, gobble!!

MK: Please NO morning sickness! I’m this far with none so I can’t imagine getting sick now. But I’m crossing my fingers anyway.

Jamie: Wow…… that’s kinda freaky – maybe 1:12 is going to be the time. I didn’t even think of that.

I tagged you. (no pressure though)

Hey, found your site while searching for ideas to ask my doc at first appt today, im 10 weeks pregnant.
Funny reads!! Question though–did I miss the post about the wedding?? J/C cause he’s husband now……but you know how the pregnant brain works…

Beverly: Congratulations! No you didn’t miss a post. We are common law now so I call him my hubby. Haven’t had an official wedding. Maybe after the baby is born we’ll do something more, but until then, this works for us. Thanks for stopping by – hope to continue seeing you here! 🙂

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