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This is what the weather report says:
Snow this morning will give way to snow this afternoon.

Why don’t they just say it’s going to freakin snow ALL day and ALL night and it’ll be blowing and drifting ALL day and ALL night. Wind chill is -12 right now, tomorrow it’s supposed to be -25! Damn I love living in Montana. BUT I am extremely lucky because so many people love me so much! I didn’t have to get out this morning to take my son to school nor do I have to get out to pick him up, friends did it for me and my husband will pick him up on his way home. So here I’ll be in my cozy little office trying to stay warm and make my deadline. I told one of my co-workers today that I’m in my basement, the only heat is from my little space heater (they didn’t put heat ducts down here) and I have plastic on my window so I can’t see out. She said that reminded her of that movie Misery. haha It’s really not that bad – but I would sure love to get me a laptop so I could go upstairs and work sometimes.

Also my question of the day is……
Is it….. jump-roping or jumping-rope?


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5 Responses to “brrrrrrrrr…….”

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Oooh, Montana! I picture your house being like the house in Legends of the Fall, with a gorgeous view on all sides of the quaint log cabin and not another house in sight. (Maybe it was Wyoming?) But I am in Maryland and I wish it would snow here already. We don’t usually get snow until January. And then not much.

Bunny: Oh how I wish that was the view. Unfortunately I’m in eastern Montana, flat and boring. I’ll gladly ship my snow to you 😛

The snow in Montana made Miami news this morning. I wanted to call my brothers & rub it in that the high here is 82 today. I miss snow though.

**Misery** isn’t that was all work is about?

My guess would be jumping rope.

FFG: Are you guys hard up for news? haha Kidding. Gotta love Montana weather. Go ahead rub it in – my brother did, he’s in Dallas.

We’re suppose to get snow today/tonight too. Hopefully we’ll actually get some this time though. I LOVE SNOW!!!!

If you don’t want yours you can always send it my way!!

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