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This is not my favorite season AT ALL. I hate winter. I hate driving in snow. I hate driving on ice. I hate it that people can’t figure out that they need to slow down when it’s like this. I hate the cold. I hate having to warm the car up and waste my precious gas. I hate being stuck inside all the time because it’s so damn cold outside. I hate my son being at school in this cold, standing on the playground freezing.

Alright already – enough hate. 😛

Actually my mind just jumped to a whole new place. Pause on the winter thing……. I’m listening to XM and I try to listen to a new station every day. Well today is 90’s day and let me tell you – the music from the 90’s sucks! Yesterday’s 70’s day was SO much better! Right now we have a little bit of Tag Team and Whoomp! (There is it). And I’m seriously ready to scream. Must shut this off. Can’t handle it. Reminds me of Jock Jams or Jock Rock. I’m sure I’ll be singing this crap the rest of the day. Please don’t let me lose it today due to 90’s music.

Anyhow…… back on track now…. I actually have a few reasons I like winter time. Three reasons I can think of. I love snow pictures, I just wish I could have snow and warmth together. Must force myself to force the rest of the family outside for some snow pics. Not guaranteeing anything – but I’ll give it a try at some point. We need Christmas pics! Another reason is my love for soups and stews. There’s something wonderful about it being freezing cold outside and knowing that Clam Chowder, Potato/Cheese/Bacon Soup or Chili is upstairs simmering away in the crock-pot. And then making fresh buns to go with it at supper time. Mmm mmm good! Last but not least, my love for Christmas time – the homey feeling at Christmas is the greatest ever! I decorate very early as I want to enjoy it for as long as I can, because as soon as Christmas is over, it’s very depressing to me and everything has to come down.


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2 Responses to “winter”

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Yes – Living in MIami means that we don’t get that Winter/Christmas feeling. So sad! Hope you get plenty of pictures & soups.

Yeah… Not a big fan of winter either. BUt luckily I don’t think its as cold in MO as it is where you are.

That soup sounds soooo freaking good! (Drool)

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