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Posted on 5 December 2006. Filed under: baby, doctors appt |

I had my second doctor’s appt. yesterday. It went very well. We did another ultrasound. Doctor was trying to see if we had the date right or if we were a week off. My due date is now July 9th. It was so amazing to see baby growing. Baby was SO much bigger after only a couple weeks!

The addition of the third bedroom is going great. I swear my Dad can do anything – Thanks Dad! I need to call the taping and texture guy and get him here to finish the walls now. We need other things like carpet, trim and paint. Hopefully we’ll have all that finished by July. No piddle dinkin around this time. haha

A few nights ago my son was holding a teddy bear he got when he went to visit Santa. He was rocking in the chair and holding it like a baby. I said “Oooh looks like somebody is practicing holding and rocking the baby”. He of course got all embarrassed and said he wasn’t. But a couple days later he came to me and said “Mom, you guessed it, I am getting excited to hold the baby”. hahaha I knew it! 🙂 He’s my little mother hen, always has been. He’s very protective of me also and has been very clingy lately. He’ll walk around right next to me with his hand in my jeans pocket. I don’t mind – it’s not going to be forever that he’s hanging on me. Someday he’ll be asking me to drop him off a block early so he’s not seen with his Mom! haha

Remember my mouse problem I had, the computer mouse 😛 I got an early Christmas present from my man. The new Logitech MX Revolution. Great mouse, but not recommended for AutoCAD. Had I known that I would have picked a different one, but I’m getting used to it. It’s definitely a mouse designed for someone with larger hands. My little hands don’t quite fit it right. But overall I love the mouse so I’m getting used to it.

I also am getting the Uniden phone that works with Windows Live Messenger! It’s charging right now – can’t wait to try this out! Thanks to my bro 🙂 Only drawback, I’ll be losing my answering machine. So all you non-technology people MUST get up to speed! haha 😛

Sorry didn’t have one big story to write about so you got a little bit of everything. I’ve been terrible about posting lately – sorry guys!


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4 Responses to “doctor’s appt”

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Awesome about the dr. appt. and getting another u/s. I only had one my entire pregnancy… they were so not wanting to give up the u/s’s!!! Will you guys be finding out if you’re having a girl or boy?

It is nice to have a due date in mind, right? I love the story about your son. That is so sweet.

Nicole and FFG: Yes to both – I must be able to prepare 🙂

So, are you guys going to find out the sex of the new little one?

Glad to hear your feeling well!

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