good deed….. that upsets me…..

Posted on 8 December 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life |

Alright…. first things first….. I love to help out. This being said, I don’t want anybody to take what I go off about the wrong way. Because I DO like to help out – I swear, but things like this create a big issue for me. Okay, lets rewind back almost 8 years now. Single. Pregnant. High School. Nope, those words shouldn’t have to be put together. However, I was given the greatest son ever and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. A little more about me…… I hate to take handouts, I hate to borrow money from people, I have to do things on my own, I’m independent, I’m stubborn, I like to know what’s mine is mine because I worked my ass off for it.

Okay…… now on to my complaint. My son recently brought home a note from school saying the local food bank was severely low on some items, with the holidays coming they are asking for help stocking the shelves. Of course I was game to help. However, what pisses me off is that anybody can walk down to the food bank and get food. Which I think is a crock. It maddens me to no end to think somebody who didn’t really need that food was there only because they can’t get their lazy good for nothing ass off the couch and get a job like the rest of us. All these handouts piss me off a great deal, because having been a single parent and learning all about the system was enough to make me want to march right up to whoever was in charge and give them a piece of my mind. It’s all a damn reward system. I never once set foot in the food bank, now I was a single parent struggling to make ends meet – should I have been there…… some may say yes, some may say no. Me being the way I am would never have done so, because I made sure we had what we needed. I was not on welfare milking the system. I was not milking the system in any way shape or form. The system sucked for me. Mainly because I was not willing to lower my standards to be eligible for assistance. I could not have health insurance for my son because I made 80 dollars too much. Now you tell me why the system couldn’t have helped me a tiny bit with that one thing…… Instead they were helping Joe Blow over there who wouldn’t work and Susy Q who is popping kids out left and right so she’ll get more money. Now why reward people like this…… I’ll never understand. I say it’s a reward system because if I woulda had another baby then I could have gotten all kinds of assistance. And then…. oh wow – look at what I’ll get if I have 3 babies! It just goes on and on and on. Instead of asking for handouts, I worked my ass off and provided. Something more people need to be doing. However they will be running down to the food bank to collect their items that I worked my ass off for. In addition to all this, it pisses me off that the school sends these notes home and makes it all a game. Of course my 2nd grader wants to take tons of food – it’s a race. Whichever class brings the most food gets a party or extra recess or something like that. So when my son takes his items to school next week I can only hope that they will go to somebody who really needs them or somebody who needs that little bit of extra help making ends meet while working their ass off.


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4 Responses to “good deed….. that upsets me…..”

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I thought there were restrictions on who could get stuff from food banks… And yes when you are working your ass off and barely getting by it DOES make you angry to watch someone else just coast with no effort.

I was on public assitance for 6 months. Three before and three after I had my son. It wasn’t by choice that’s for sure. I was so ill during my pregnancy that I was physically unable to work. Then I had to have an emergency cesarean and that takes a few weeks to recover from. At that point I was planning on moving to Michigan from Washington State so there wasn’t much point in getting a job for a few weeks before I moved.
I haven’t received any assistance since then other than WIC for a couple of years.
I have a friend who was on welfare for years and now has 4 kids. She has worked full time for the past 8 years or so (3 of her kids were born after she started working) but to this day she still gets assistance with daycare expenses.
Sometimes I feel a bit jealous but other times I just get pissed off.
I figure that since I have worked and paid taxes for 14 years I have paid in more than enough to cover what I received in those 6 months.

motherofbun: There needs to be restrictions.

Rachel: I’m glad to hear that somebody was using it for good purpose. It’s not that I have a problem with it being there and people making use of it. It’s those people who live off it for years and never try to change anything. And those people who don’t really need it. I always figured that too – I kept thinking wow I’ve paid so much in taxes and I can’t get even half my sons insurance paid for…… reason being because I’m paying for somebody to fully have their kids covered while sitting on their ass at home. Wow….. touchy subject.

From one single mom to another……I’m with you all the way!! I never took assistance EVER and it kills me to see people ROB the system and take away from those who truly need it!

I guess what comes around goes around.

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