floating in the tub

Posted on 11 December 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I’m not usually one to buy stuff like this…. I don’t like to clean it and store it (because I don’t have room). Seems to become such a hassle, but I’m SO glad I made this huge 17 dollar purchase 🙂

Our new Thermal Spa Soft Bath Mat. I got my 17 dollars out of it last night when I heard my son yell for me. Warning: DO NOT leave child unattended when suction cups did not properly stick! hahahahaha My son was not hurt at all and I just said that for fun. When I first saw this product I wasn’t sure if it would work and be worth it. My Dad said well it’s going to be worth 17 dollars, that’s what you’ll get. I still decided to try it, knowing my son would think it was cool.

So last night I showed it to my son when I knew I had time to set it up and let him try it out. We attempted to stick it in our tub upstairs, but the bottom has a little bit of a rough surface to it and we weren’t having very good luck getting it to stick. My son decided he would just sit on it while I started to fill tub. All was well, I turned it on low and left the bathroom for a minute. ( I was watching that sorry Cowboys game at the same time ) Well I had missed the Cowboys scoring so I made a quick call to my Mom to find out what happened. We talked for a few minutes when my son called my name, I poked my head in the bathroom door and he said he wanted me to add some soap to the tub so he could have bubbles. So I said I’d be right back, as I was finishing up my conversation I heard him yell “Moooooooooom”. I hurried and hung up the phone and headed into the bathroom thinking he was just getting impatient and wanted bubbles. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard in my whole life when I opened my bathroom door. There’s my son, tub full of water, bath mat flapping on top of the water, his legs straight up in the air! The only part of the mat that was still held down was where his butt was. He wasn’t heavy enough to hold the thing down once the tub was full of water so it had lifted him out of the water and he was holding onto the sides of the tub trying to hold it down. I couldn’t even turn it off right away because I was laughing so hard as was he. All the while yelling “Mom! Turn if off!” He then decided he wanted to try it downstairs because the tub downstairs is smooth on the bottom and I figured it would stick. So I packed the bath mat and him downstairs and we set it up down there. It worked great and he had a blast playing in the bubbles. So, it was well worth the 17 dollars for that absolute hilarious moment. Actually a Kodak moment, but he woulda never let me take a picture of him in the tub. Bummer because that would been great! 🙂


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3 Responses to “floating in the tub”

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How funny! That kind of laugh is definitely worth $17.

OMG I have tears in my eyes!! I bet that was priceless. Too funny and definatly worth the 17 bucks!

Damn Cowboys! What was up with that? The man kept slipping out of dinner into the bar to see the score. He came back more pissed off each time. It was a sad night in my house; he was in morning I think.

Ps…It’s too weird, I have to hit refresh every time I stop by in order to get your new posts. Whatsupwiththat?

FFG: Yes it was!

Jamie: I don’t know what was up with the Cowboys – it was terrible. I sat there speechless! And I too have to hit refresh on your site, however I haven’t gotten anything new lately….. have you posted – I don’t know what’s up with our sites. Crazy I tell ya.

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