yes ma’am….. we start our cars and go back inside

Posted on 12 December 2006. Filed under: cold in the north |

Sometimes in life we just have to stop and say WTF?! And that’s a big WTF cuz sometimes what people say will shock you so bad you’ll wonder where they came from and if they realized that life existed in all parts of the world and that it’s normal for all of us to do things a little bit different based on where we live. During an out of town trip with my Dad this weekend, we listened to Click and Clack, a Car Talk show where people with problems call in for advice on how to fix them. We heard all kinds of crazy problems, but there was one woman who remains the greatest. She’s originally from California and recently moved to (as put by her) East Freakin’ Lansing, Michigan. She was in shock at how much gas mileage changed. They discussed how she was driving…. California – it was freeway, Michigan – it’s stop and go driving. They discussed the fact that it’s a helluva lot colder in Michigan. While she understands it’s colder and her driving is different she still can’t figure out why her vehicle once got 300 miles to the tank and now only gets maybe 200 miles to the tank. And the kicker…… (she says) “And people here go out start their cars and then go back inside and eat breakfast and get ready or something!” This would be where we both lost it and why I say there’s time where we stop and say WTF! So if there are any of you out there who have never heard about us up here in the north…….. it’s cold here and yes we start our cars and go back inside to let them warm up before we have to go sit in the cold, teeth chattering, entire body shaking, sitting on a rock hard frozen seat that has yet to warm up and attempt to drive without jerking the steering wheel from the un-controllable jerks and shivers our bodies make because we’re freezing cold. I was telling this story to my brother the other night and he said when he moved to Texas and told some people that we plug our vehicles in up here so they’ll start in the morning they looked at him like he was from another planet. So in addition to starting our cars to warm up, we plug them in over night so they will start in the morning.


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4 Responses to “yes ma’am….. we start our cars and go back inside”

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LOL….that lady is too funny!! Did the radio guy also tell her that it’s better for the car to let it warm up too?

I remember when I went to Arizona I was amazed that everyone mowed their lawn (if they even had a lawn) at like 10 at night!! It amuzed the hell out of me. My x-hubby (how lived there for a bit) told me it’s b/c it’s too hot to mow it during the day. I guess the majority of people do stuff after the sun goes down.

Culture shock is a bitch!!

Jamie: She was hilarious, yes they told her that was good too. And I complain because the neighbor’s dog is barking at 10 pm! I can’t imagine my neighbor out mowing their lawn at 10 pm – that’s funny!

I guess since I have moved around a lot, I have experienced the warm & cold weather ways. ..she is crazy if she doesn’t go back inside while the car warms up. However, if someone did that in Miami, their car would be gone when they came back out. 🙂

FFG: From what I understood – it wasn’t even a matter of letting her car warm up – she just jumped in and left in a cold car. Crazy lady 😛

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