Dad’s response

Posted on 13 December 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

So my Dad responded in an email to my whining about my mouse breaking already. I told him he better be nice to me or I was going to take all his electric tools away and give him regular ones, but the more I think about that now – then he wouldn’t have cords in his way……. shit – I should have said I’m going to take all his cordless tools away and give him tools with cords. Although….. shit, I think most of his tools have cords! Okay never-mind…….. this is just hilarious as always. Here’s his response.

Just finished reading your blog and your problems with your mouse. Reminds me of when we had to write with charcoal and it kept busting and smearing all over the paper. They later came out with electric charcoal but it had problems too. Several times the charcoal would be damp and when plugged in it would give you quite a jolt when you grabbed it. Another problem was not too many people had electricity and we would have to run extension cords for miles, up hill both ways. It was a happy day when they put the charcoal in a pencil, but that story was in a previous letter. The electric pencil was a real break through. It would write so fast thought that it was putting words down before you could even think of something to write. There were many letters sent out that didn’t make much sense. I’m thinking a World War was started because of something like this. Erasers were invented about this time. Why are erasers so small? Do they think people like me know what they’re talking about? Why don’t they come out with electric paper? Then you could just hold the pencil and the paper would move. I know something better! Why don’t they put a pencil in mouse’s mouth and train him to move around. Better yet, make him electric! Oh, I forgot, that’s your problem, a mouse with a cord, that would be too much work. Dumb idea.


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