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Posted on 13 December 2006. Filed under: Everyday Life, Kid Time, mean kids, school |

I’m not sure what’s up today. I woke my son up this morning and he instantly started crying. He said he didn’t want the light on in his room. I ALWAYS turn the light on. He quickly calmed down and headed for the shower to get ready for school. Since my mouse incident this morning I was rushed and had to make a stop before taking him to school. So after he got out of the shower I went into his room to hurry him along and tell him we were in a hurry since I had to make a stop before school. He instantly burst into tears again and said he couldn’t go to school. I asked him a million questions…… did something happen, was somebody mean, did you get in trouble, etc. He said he just didn’t feel good. I know the flu bug is going around and strep is also going around a little I learned this morning when I called the school. But I keep thinking something else is up, it’s not like him to want to stay home. Even when he’s feeling a little crappy he’ll want to go to school and he’ll say he’ll call if he gets sick. I always worry about him getting teased because he’s little for his age. We had this problem at basketball camp last year and he will not go back to basketball because of it. Kids are so damn mean, but we’ve all been there done that. Not to mention it breaks a mommy’s heart to no end. Hopefully it’s nothing and he really just feels like crap and I’m over-reacting as usual.


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One Response to “my little man”

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My little one has the SAME THING happen a couple months ago. She’d wake up and start cying that she was too sick to go to school . We would have some knock down, drag out, fights sometimes because she DEMANDED that she couldn’t go. What are you suppose to do then? So, I called her in. Well then it became a weekly thing, and then it finally came out….she was being picked on….big time by this one chubby little beeoch. Well finally it worked out and all is better now, but the struggle to get that out.

Try this…..sit him down and ask him all those questions again, and if he says that knowone is picking on him tell him a story about how you were picked on in school, and how it would upset you so much that you felt sick at the thought of going to school. That’s how I got it out of her.

Then again he could just be fighting something too. I know whenever I start getting sick I find that I start crying over EVERYTHING.

Poor baby!

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