fire hazard

Posted on 15 December 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

My son is always playing with lights, plugging lights in, moving lights, rearranging plugs in his outlets – I’m surprised the kid hasn’t gotten shocked yet. I’m forever telling him to unplug some stuff before he burns our house down. So last night while he was once again playing with electricity. I know I sound like a terrible mother for letting him play with all those cords. Anyway, he brought out his night light – his ghost was looking a little black instead of white 😦

I’m so glad he found it – the ghost was melting inside, it had melted on the bulb and it was, as you can see, burned black. I wish I had the package it came in, because somebody would hear from me – this is NOT a safe product! This little ghost is going straight to the garbage. Goodbye ghost, you’ve over-stayed your welcome anyway – it’s Christmas NOT Halloween! haha


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5 Responses to “fire hazard”

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Poor little ghostman. In the garbage you go!! Naughty kitty for melting. Darn, can you tell I’m a little slap happy cause it’s Friday?! Even though I have to work tomorrow….pooh!

How’s the little guy feeleing?

Jamie: Bummer on working tomorrow! You crack me up. My little man is better. He’s been acting SO weird lately – wish I could figure out what’s going on with him. It’s tearing me apart! 😦

Have you thought that even though he is excited about the baby that he might be worried about his place? Kids are strange like that. Any major change can send them into a tailspin of insecurity.

That nightlite is scary. Good thing he found it.

Rachel: Yes I’ve thought a lot about that. He’s also VERY protective of me and if he senses something is going on he’ll latch on and watch like a hawk.

Eeek. Yeah, that should be recalled.

So glad your son found it though…

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