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That sums up how I feel right now. Miserable. I’ve felt SO good for this pregnancy – why now am I starting to feel like I’ve been hit by a truck…….. twice. 😦 I’m blacking out, I don’t completely pass out, the world just goes black for a few and I lay down and relax and then I’m all better. Last week it happened once a day, every day. Today I’ve been good – it hasn’t happened ( I just knocked on wood ). I’m also broke out in a rash that itches like a mo fo. It’s only on my stomach. I have 3 different meds for that now so at least I’ll have relief from the itching, which as I type this I don’t know why I’m not upstairs diving into those meds, instead I sit here telling the world how miserable I am. My once cute little belly….. is not cute anymore…… it’s sad, it’s red, it hurts, it itches. I’m probably not up there taking meds right now because I’m scared to death to take anything for fear of hurting baby. And I know they came from my doctor, but still, I worry. I’d rather just cry and itch than take something that’s going to hurt my baby. 😦 The doctor kept assuring me that it’s nothing to worry about, nothing is affecting the baby, but g’head buddy keep telling me that and I’ll keep worrying. I’m terrible like that. I kept apologizing to him because it didn’t matter what he’d say I’d come back with but what if….. and he’d say once again it’s okay. Hopefully he understands I’m just a very worried mother instead of a crazy lady. He sent me to the lab for a couple blood tests so hopefully everything comes back okay.

On a better note – to make me feel better he let me sit and listen to my baby’s heartbeat! I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of that little beat racing away in there. He kept saying see can you hear it – you’re fine. He’s been a great doctor – I’m glad a friend of mine helped me make the decision to give him a try, even though I was insistent I would not be comfortable with a male doctor.


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2 Responses to “miserable”

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I hope you start feeling better really soon. Fingers crossed for you!

OMG…I’m having flashbacks to when I was preggo. For the entire first trimester I kept passing out….like everyday! I wasn’t even aloud to drive until the spells passed. The doctor said I was borderline anemic, so I had to get my finger pricked everytime I went to the doctor to check my iron. Damn finger pricing thingys hurt like hell!!

Hang in ther babe!

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