some people just suck

Posted on 19 December 2006. Filed under: annoying people, busy, Christmas, post office lines |

So I’m standing in line at the Post Office. It’s Christmas time, and I believe all, well most of us anyway, of us understand that during this time of year, the post office, the UPS drop off place and any other place that ships packages is busy. So why is it that as I stand in line yesterday with at least a dozen other people we always have to have the one nagging bitch who can’t help herself to talk over everybody else, making sure we all hear her and the postal clerk hears her that this just pisses her off that the line is this long and she has to stand here. I had this incredible urge to turn around and say “Ma’am what are you holding in your hand?” When she said her keys. I’d say “Yep, that’s right, now walk your sorry bitchin ass back to your car, start it up and drive that package ALL the way to where it needs to be, then you won’t have to stand in this terribly long line…… mmmmm k. Bye bye now.” Gaaaaaawd that makes me mad. Why do people gotta be so dumb and rude and annoying. She told everybody how pissed off she was that they had a million dollar building and we were still standing in line because there weren’t enough people working the counter. Why do I get this feeling this nagging bitch has never worked a day in her life. As people were leaving I heard one man say to her “And a Merry Christmas to you ma’am.” She didn’t even respond, oooh the nerve of somebody to be nice to her while she was SO pissed off. haha


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2 Responses to “some people just suck”

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Hopefully, santa forgets her on Christmas.

I heard one man say to her “And a Merry Christmas to you ma’am.”

Good for him! I’d like to give that man a pat on the back!

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