good deed

Posted on 20 December 2006. Filed under: bath salts, Everyday Life, family, good deed, lotion |

Today my good deed is attempting to help a loved one, my Aunt, get her business moving along. I know she’s not having the world’s greatest luck so I’m trying to pass the word along to my blogging friends and other friends to check out her site. She makes lotions and bath salts that I hear are wonderful, my order is on it’s way. I use lotion like there’s no tomorrow! So if you’re a lotion user or a bath salt user or you know someone who is, help a blogging friend and pass the word along to check out HomeTouch Creations.

On another note…….. see this chair

I have a chair like this, mine’s burgundy, but very similar. This WAS my favorite chair, until last night when it pinched the hell outta my leg, not once….. but TWICE! Okay so maybe it’s just me and I’m a complete moron that doesn’t know how to glide properly in this chair. Whatever the case – I have a big old bruise and my leg hurts like a mo fo! I may steer clear of this chair for a while, until I’m healed and dare try gliding in this thing again. Seriously how in the hell does one get their leg pinched in this chair! Yes, my friends, it’s beyond me also.


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2 Responses to “good deed”

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I swear there’s an artform or something to gliding in those things. i could never coordinate myself to do it right with the ottoman. I looked like a crack addict or something all discombobulated.

Don’t feel bad. I’m a retard on those things too!

A glider injury… oh no!!! I hope it’s ok now!!

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