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Posted on 21 December 2006. Filed under: Christmas, Everyday Life, family, Kid Time, kids, presents |

Kids get so excited for Christmas. We remember, we’ve all been there – staring at those presents thinking man can’t I open just one? Yesterday I picked my son up from school and he proudly handed me a bag that he said was a present for under the tree. Last night he decided he wanted me to open it early, he said I really needed to – it couldn’t wait. Knowing it was more than likely an ornament made at school I was ready to rip er open to hang it on the tree. But you see with my son….. there’s always a catch. I bet you guessed his plan already. If I open the present he made me at school then he should get to open something too. Which was fine with me. So he says he’ll open the smallest present under the tree. So I pick one and hand it to him. Well then he decided he didn’t really want the smallest one. So I put it back and said okay we’ll just wait then. No, I want to open it. haha Okay, so here you go. He sat with it for a minute or two – me wondering what was going through his mind. When he starts into a spiel about how the ribbon is really pretty, maybe he shouldn’t open this one, the ribbon is too hard to get off, yada yada yada. I’m like….. oooooook well lets just wait then. That’ll fix that problem. 😛 haha Yeah right. That wasn’t his plan at all of course! Needless to say after much going back and forth he finally opened it and was excited to see his Railroad Tycoon 3 game for the computer.

Here’s my ornament he made me at school. I love it! 🙂


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8 Responses to “early present”

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Too cute!! I can’t wait to get my Christmas present from the little one from school. It’s always my favoriate gift of the year!

He’s so sneaky! 🙂 I love the ornament.

I can;t wait to start getting home made ornaments. They are so funny they way they come up with tricks for their presents. love the story!

Hahaha. Love the ornament, but love the story even more. I found out years after my kids were grown and out of the house that they used to carefully unwrap their presents when hubby and I worked evening shifts, then tape them back up and place them back under the tree. One year we even got our daughter this navy blue leather jacket that she had been BEGGING for. Well, she opened that one early, wrapped the empty box back up and placed it under the tree, and wore the darn jacket to school until Christmas break. Sometime before Christmas morning she put it back in the box under the tree. Sucks when both parents have to work shifts! Sneaky little turds! So I guess they were pretty good at acting surprised on Christmas morning because hubby and I never had a clue. 😛

Christmas has been so tight this year that I am not letting him open any of his gifts early.
What did everyone get their kids for Christmas?
D is getting:
Scholastic Children’s Encyclopedia (He loves encyclopedias and if you can find it get the Charlie Brown ‘Cyclopedia set from eBay. That was the best investment that I made in a LONG time)
Book light (so that he can read in the car)
Donald Duck watch
PS 2 video game
***I just realized that I need to get him another gift. Crap!!***

From Santa he is getting a Crayola Superman Trace & Draw kit with the light up table, tracing paper and an electric pencil sharpener. He got a huge art set for his birthday.

Jamie: My favorite also – they are always so proud to give them to us – I love that.

FFG: Yes he scares me most of the time 😛

MK: A few more years and you’ll have mountains of paper like me stacked up because you just can’t throw that little scrap away that says I love you Mom!

freevolition: I LOVE this story – I can’t believe she pulled it off with the coat! That’s dang sneaky!

Rachel: My son is getting a few games, board games and computer games, a train bank (he’s a train freak) the Lionel one that lights up and makes sound, I’m sure I’ll regret that one later on. Santa is bringing him this big Lego set of an airport he wanted. He asked Santa for the Legos, but wrote in his letter he wanted the Polar Express Train. So hope the Legos go over well. I don’t have the money for the Train nor the room for the Train.

Adorable ornament! My folks still have the ones I made for them when I was young!!

Cute ornament! And Merry Christmas!

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