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Posted on 28 December 2006. Filed under: annoying commercials, annoying people, Everyday Life |

I’m always bothered by these commercials on TV for exercise equipment. Look it worked for them – well hello a**holes…. if you start with a supermodel you’re probably going to end up with a supermodel after she uses your product for 2 minutes. My gawd – this annoys the crap outta me.

This little rant started last night after repeatedly watching the commercial for the Zone Pilates Home Exercise Workout System. So they start off showing this tall skinny model like woman using their product, then they show her showing off her body. Ummmm hello…… I didn’t notice any change. My comment was, show me a mother with a couple kids and show me how well the product works. My man said I’d never make it in advertising – well hell no probably not because I wouldn’t be false advertising a product. So this product should sell wonderfully to tall skinny model like women. As for the rest of us……..

Then I said and look at that – they’ve done so poorly at selling this product that they’ve knocked off one payment for us. They couldn’t sell it by asking for two payments, so now you only have to make one payment for the POS. This is what the conversation turned into……..

Him: Well maybe they’ve done so well selling the product that they can afford to take half the payment.
Me: Puuuuulease! So you mean to tell me if you worked selling burgers and you’d been selling burgers at 4 bucks a piece and you were selling millions of them and becoming rich that you’d cut the price in half and start selling burgers for 2 bucks a piece?
Him: *speechless* *giggle*
Me: Yeeeeaah….. you’d up the price, people like your burgers and they’re going to continue to buy them so you’d start charging 6 bucks a piece.
Him: *speechless*
Me: Yep…… think I made my point. *LMAO*

I’m still giggling about this today.


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3 Responses to “annoying commercials”

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I hate all exercise, diet pill and vitamin commercials. They are all a racket and 95% of them don’t do diddly squat.

Rachel: I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t sucked into that bs.

That’s another benefit of not having satellite TV any more… no commercials! The DVD’s I watch don’t have commercials. 🙂
But you know what? Exercise and diet products are a BIG seller this time of year… everyone feels FAT after all the delicious holiday food.

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