i forgot……

Posted on 29 December 2006. Filed under: cleaning, Everyday Life, house, pregnancy |

Topic of discussion: “I forgot”. A saying we’ve all heard over and over and over and you get the hint. This was started by another conversation between myself and my man. As I scrubbed my bathroom with my vinegar and baking soda and other kitchen items that are supposed to be safe while pregnant, yes I’m a big ol chicken who doesn’t want to be inhaling fumes, I was thinking how in the hell does he “forget” to clean the bathroom. So we were discussing this, okay pretty much it was me doing all the talking (hehe), and I kept asking how you forget to clean the bathroom……… you don’t “forget” to go to basketball, you don’t “forget” to go to work, you don’t “forget” to get dressed, you don’t “forget” to watch TV, so how is it that you “forget” to clean the bathroom. He wasn’t sure. Jees – I gave him the opportunity for once to tell me something I didn’t know and he didn’t take it! hahaha So ladies when’s the last time you “forgot” to do laundry, or “forgot” to cook, or “forgot” to clean? I’m just curious. Does this forgetfulness thing happen often and I’m missing out? 😛 I’m being a total smart ass – but this just made me laugh.


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9 Responses to “i forgot……”

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You really want to know? Well, I’ll tell you just what you really want to hear. I’ve had enough of this crap. Man bashing, that’s all it is. Geez,,,,, what was the point I was trying to make. I guess I forgot.

LMAO – I’m not bashing men – you guys are just silly sometimes. 🙂

For the record……. women forget to – I’m sure I’ve forgotten things and the girl in WA who is supposed to send my arch. plans to me when needed “forgot” to send them on time again so she’s slowing me down 😦 Frustrating relying on someone else for my work.

I have quite the set up with my hubs… I’m allergic to most hosehold cleaning products…. So plain and simple, he cleans the bathroom and kitchen.

In return? He seldom has to help with vacuuming, and I do all the laundry. Seems pretty fair to me!!!

SC: Seems VERY fair to me – it was only when I got pregnant that we agreed bathrooms were his job, up until then I always cleaned them.

I clean everything, I wash everything, wait…I do everything. He just rearranges everything on his day off. Like Wednesday I came home & he had moved pictures around in the bedroom and some furnature too. He’s all like “Do you like what I did?” “NO” “No?” “Nope, liked it better the other way” So he changed it right back. Men are goofy!

I forgot why I came here…. hmmmm… what was it about? Hmmm….
sorry, I forgot. 😉

just a random hit, reformattingmybrain… hope you have a great new year. peace.

That whole “I forgot” excuse is one YOU should be working being that pregnant women have memory problems (or maybe that was just me and a few other chicks while pregnant?)

Hope you have a wonderful 2007!

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