one day done for my goal

Posted on 9 January 2007. Filed under: baby, Everyday Life, pregnancy |

Pregnancy is so wonderful sometimes……. (please note sarcasm)……. you get extreme hormones and you get to gain all kinds of weight and if that isn’t enough for you – you skin goes to crap, when someone says “cry me a river”….. you can do it instantly for no reason and depressed becomes a normal state of mind for you. Sounds great huh! 😦 Okay so it’s been really crappy here, I’m sure you got that by now.

Yesterday I started on my goal – I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes during my lunch. Babies/Pregnancy is wonderful but this weight gain is so depressing. And for someone with self esteem issues and a million insecurities it’s torture. I keep trying to tell myself it’s not forever – you’ve only got about 6 months to go now, but to an uncomfortable pregnant woman that seems like forever!

I know during pregnancy you’re supposed to try to be stress free – ha! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously my stress level I think has been upped by 150%. I have yet to figure out what I’m going to do about work…… we have no maternity leave but I can take a couple months off, I’ll just be without pay which could get interesting. I need to be stashing money now – but my gawd money doesn’t grow on trees. I thought about a part-time job, but who’s going to hire a pregnant lady who’s going to be gone in 6 months. I’m sure it’ll be all fine – but I worry about everything. Hell I worry about worrying sometimes.

A friend from work told me about this site where she signed up to receive e-mails during and after her pregnancy to show where you’re at with it, what to expect, etc. It’s so fun – I’m really enjoying that. I am at 14 weeks now. They talked about the baby squinting, grimacing and frowning and maybe even sucking his/her thumb. It’s so funny to sit and think about a baby in there making faces and finding its thumb. Such a miracle. I can’t wait until I can find out if it’s a boy or girl.

Hope you all have a good day 🙂 Hugs to you all!


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6 Responses to “one day done for my goal”

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Hang in there! The only thing I liked about being preggo was the bigger boobs. Everything else I could’ve done without; aside form the overwhelming love at the thought of the little one to come. The raging hormones drove me nuts. I would be fine one minute then a sobbing mess the next. Especially the closer her due date rolled around. My mom would find me sitting in the dark living room, balling, wondering if I was going to be a good mother. Good grief!

When will you find out if it’s a boy or girl?

Yes the bigger boobs are fabulous, but I’m already being all pissy about the thought of losing those. Last night I took refuge to my bed, my son hung out with me in there all night until bedtime for him. I had spent the night there bawling until he joined me – then it was time to pull it together like a sane woman. I have a couple months before I can find out I think. I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 5 months. Not positive tho – so don’t quote me on that.

to all reading this – Reformatting is a great woman and i wouldn’t trade her in for the world. I believe that she is still the most wonderful and most beautiful woman ever. I know that when a woman is pregnant she will gain weight but that doesn’t matter to me just as long as i have her in my life. To all who don’t have the privilege on knowing reformatting you are missing out. she is the most successful mother that i can think of. she has put together a great life without the help of others (besides her loving parents). this woman has more motivation than any two women combined. She deserves the best and i hope that i will be able to give her that.

P.S. she is and always will be a great mother and person.

I always loved those e-mails. I get them now telling me what to expect in the following weeks as shegrows older. Hang in there and good luck figuring out what to do about work.

I know what you mean. I was in the middle of a shitty job when I got pregnant. And yes, I didn’t even try to find something else because who in the HELL would hire me? And once I made those phone calls to find out how much childcare was and what the waiting times to get in were (and other assorted fees) I had pretty much decided I was going to stay home.

I hope all works out for you in the end… Sending you hugs.

Pregnancy is tough. I hated being unconfortable & trying to maneuver around a big belly. I feel for you.

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