sneaky little…..

Posted on 10 January 2007. Filed under: busy, Everyday Life, family, Kid Time |

First of all – Yeah for me – got my walking in yesterday. I’ve learned that if you take no time for yourself until really late at night then you can squeeze all this other shit into the day. So it’s hurry up get in the shower – hurry up get ready – hurry up get son up and in shower – hurry up get dishes done (okay you got the hurry up part – I’ll leave that out now) – make breakfast – take son to school – back home to clock into work – take lunch – put dishes away/eat – back to work – clock out a little extra early to pick son up from school so I can squeeze some walking in – jump in car – pick son up – back to work while he hangs off me saying “I’m hungry” “Can you check this please” “Can you keep time so I can read” “Can you buy this for me” “Are you almost done working” etc………. – take another lunch – make supper – do dishes – back to work – back to walking – shower – keel over and start worrying about doing it all again tomorrow. Wasn’t that a fun journey! 😛 Anyway…… see it works – you just have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off! 🙂

Anyway……. the sneaky part of this now. I was shocked last night when my son told me sat with his “girlfriend” (he’s a 2nd grader – she’s a 4th grader – WTF!) during lunch at school yesterday. I asked how that was possible, because from what I remember everybody walks in… in line… no moving to sit with someone you want to sit with, you get your tray and sit down. So how in the world did he sit with a 4th grader to begin with. Of course I asked him how that was possible. I’m not sure I get it yet but he said he had to stay inside to finish eating while everybody else went out to play. First red flag – that’s totally odd – why would he stay and finish eating while everybody else went out to play? Ya right…… So he said because he was finishing eating then his “girlfriend” could sit with him. I don’t get it at all – but I think they played a little sneaky to make that work. Little turd – he’s in 2nd grade! He’s supposed to be out swinging and playing in the snow. So I guess I need to add to my questions when I pick him up after school…… I always ask how his day was, what they did, who he’d played with at recess, etc… but I guess now I need to ask who he ate lunch with. 😛


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4 Responses to “sneaky little…..”

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LOL!! When the little one was in 1st grade she had a crush on a 4th grader. That’s too funny though; your little man already going for the older women. Hang in there and let us know when the wedding date is! lol

He is either a real lady’s man or that 4th grader knows something I don’t. I can’t even get my husband to stop watching football to talk to me. There is no way he’d miss an opportunity to enjoy recess. 🙂

Arrrggghhh! An older woman!!!

My son did the same thing for a bit but now is back to hitting the playground at the first opportunity.
Don’t fret about it. It will take care of itself.

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