Posted on 11 January 2007. Filed under: annoying people, Everyday Life, pregnancy |

Dear A**hole in my neighborhood with REALLY loud music,

After about a week of feeling like I have a rap concert going on in my living room you have thoroughly pissed me off. Every morning I am awaken in the wee morning hours by your music, I’ve looked out the windows for you – I haven’t been able to find you YET. I hope you understand that you are waking up a very tired pregnant lady who has already been awake numerous hours in the night having to pee and attempting to get comfortable. You obviously do not have children. Thank gawd because you are obviously too effin stupid to figure out life in the real world. I guess all I can hope for right now is you blow your effin speakers so this neighborhood does not have to listen to you anymore.



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3 Responses to “tired…”

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LOL!! When I first got married there was this house down the street who’s boyfriend used to park his hoopty ride in front of their house with that bass thumping my whole house for hours on end. I called the cops numerous times, they would come, and he would shut that shit off. Then I got tired of calling the cops everyday, and one time I walked down the street and started banging on on the top of his car until he shut it off. He asked me what the f I was doing, and I told him I was annoying the crap out of him like he was me, and the next time I heard his POS shaking by house I was gonna come back with my dsoftball bat and shut his ride up myself. It worked! ha ha

Does Montana/city you live in have a noise ordinance? I would call the cops. They’ll stop by & tell them to turn it down.

That doesn’t sound like fun!

My friend lives next to a really crappy “ghetto” apartment complex. The new manager plays REALLY LOUD classical music…I think he’s trying to drive away all the people that live there. ha!

Hope you can get some sleep soon!!

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