how to scare the shit outta me…

Posted on 22 January 2007. Filed under: kids |

This weekend started out very un-eventful. Saturday at 1:00 I dropped my son off with some friends for their daughter’s birthday party. At 3:00 I was back to pick him up, during those couple hours him and his friend had been making plans for him to spend the night. After speaking with the other mom we decided he would spend the night. No big deal – these two have grown up together. We’ve known them for years – it was a typical thing. So… Sunday morning I called at 9:30 to have my son get ready so I could some pick him up. No answer… I thought maybe they’d gone to breakfast up town so I waited another half hour. Called at 10:00… no answer. Tried the cell phone but that went right to voice mail which is typical because she hates it and never uses it. I’m not sure that phone has ever been turned on. Anyway… so I called every half hour until 1:00 when finally they called. They’d decided that morning to go to church, something they’ve never done when my son has spent the night. Okay… huge sigh of relief. A bit pissy but at least I know all is well now. I was very upset that they didn’t even call to let me know the plan since it had changed and it left me not having any idea where my son was. I know they are responsible but when you can’t find you’re kid you start thinking the worst… typical for any mother. So she says it’s their Sunday thing after church that they get take out, so my son’s going to stay and eat lunch and then she has to run some errands up town so she’ll bring him home. Excellent, I’ll be seeing my little man in about half hour I figure. So… 1:30 comes and goes… 2:00 comes and goes… 4:00 comes and goes… I’ve called nobody will answer AGAIN… By this time, friends or not… I’m pissed, I don’t have a clue what’s going on and this is completely ridiculous. I always make sure everybody knows where we are when I have other people’s kids just in case something happens everybody knows where their kids are… even if it’s just going to McD’s for lunch or a trip to the park – they’ll get a call from me. My son finally shows up somewhere around 4:30 with her husband. All was well, but after having been a basket case all day I was done for the day…


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9 Responses to “how to scare the shit outta me…”

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Did they explain what took them so long to drop him off? They’re parents too, they should know that you would worry. Use the damn cell phone just this once, people.

What’s funny is that now I worry about my mom not calling me back. She’s older now, and she has heart problems now and then. I worry when I can’t get a hold of her, but she will call me eventually. I’ve gone over to her place many times if I couldn’t get a hold of her, and either the phone is messed up or it’s some other little thing. Now she’ll tell me if she’s going to be out with friends at a certain time just so that I won’t worry.

Not keeping a parent apprised of what is going on when they are caring for your child is completely unacceptable.
Any parent knows that even when you trust the people that have your child that you need to be kept in the loop.

Good grief!! Friends or not that was just plain R-U-D-E!! I am the same way you are when other people’s kids are with me. It’s only right. And to make you worry like that in your condition just isn’t right. poopy heads!

Hopefully your little one had a fun time though!!

WOw. That was very rude. If I even THINK about taking another child with me, I tell the parent we MIGHT do xyz and “is that ok?” And if we are running late, even 10 minutes, I let the parents know. I’m a worrier too. And assume most other moms are the same way. You could have had tons of plans for Sunday and she would have pooped all over them….

That is pretty crappy that the parents didn’t keep you informed. I’m sure I would have freaked out too!!!

It is so easy to stay in touch now with cell phones and all, there is really no excuse for not letting you know what was up. This sort of thing has happened to me before with one or the other of my kids. I enlisted my kids’ help and told them to ask the other parents to call me if there was a change of plans when they were in their care.

That is rude! If you would have known that, you could have made other plans and had the day to yourself. When you are waiting around & worrying, your entire day is shot.

Grrr! How frustrating! I’m glad everything worked out though. They were totally inconsiderate. Hopefully next time the kids will be with you instead of with the other parents. ack!

Holy smokes, I would have been in full on panic mode!!! There is nothing worse than imaging all the horrible things that could happen, and the more time you have to think the worse the scenario.

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