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Get This! No Valentine’s Day boxes made at home this year. WTF! Seriously that’s one of the best things to do all year with our kids. My son and I already bought the stuff we needed to build a super cool airplane. Last year we did a train and it turned out SO cute. Tonight was our night to start building it, glad she sent the note home early as I’da been even more super mad if we’d built the entire thing and then got the note. Anyway… I’m bummed – we were really looking forward to making this plane. 😦

UPDATE: YEAH! My son asked if it was okay if we made our own box at home since we’d already bought the stuff and we were already planning on making it. His teacher said it was okay so let the fun (and stress) begin! 🙂 Just gotta figure out how I’m going to make the wings – my first idea of foam was too flimsy…

My son’s birthday is coming up… turning 8! Where do the years go… Anyway… he went to school and was telling some of his friends they were invited. Guess he’s excited and didn’t want to wait for invitations. Which I still need to get done. Well remember that neighbor kids that wouldn’t leave us alone when they moved in. Knocking at the door every 5 minutes – yeah I’m sure you remember me complaining time after time. Well that little girl told him she’s not coming because it’s weird to go to boys birthday parties. First of all… the boys and girls of this class have been going to each other’s parties all year – it’s not been weird for any of them. Second of all… the next time that little snot comes knocking on my door and asks to play you can betcha your *** I’m going to tell her No, you didn’t want to come to the birthday with all the other kids cuz boys parties are weird so why the heck do you want to come play now. I don’t care if that doesn’t sound adult of me – that was just mean of her. I don’t see why it’s okay to come here and play, but she doesn’t want to go to the party and was mean to my little man. That’s just not cool.

Sorry, this post has NO point what so ever, I’m just talking, cuz i Can! hehe 🙂

Yesterday a coworker and myself were discussing the options of making my desk more preggy friendly 😛 I decided maybe I could cut out a half circle in my desk so I could scoot on in. Then we thought maybe I could just set my keyboard on my belly. But I decided that might not work because my boobs might hit the space bar and then I’d be typing like t h i s. We also discussed the possibility of inventing a contraption that’ll help put socks on – sometimes bending over to get those on seems impossible.

Look! I found another crazy sleeping picture. My son has this thing about sleeping in the laundry basket – I have NO idea why… He looks so un-comfortable. I’ll let him fall asleep there and then I’ll scoop him out and move him to his bed.

Okay well I’m ending this nonsense post and going to work – Have a good day all!


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I miss Valentine’s Day in grade school. Valentines were mandatory to give out to my classmates, but we never thought of it that way. We always felt special when we got our very own Valentine’s Day cards.

Aww. That is the cutest pic. I think he was a cat in a previous life. heehee

Oh my gosh I can’t believe he can fall asleep like that! It’s way too cute though!!!

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