baby due date…

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So last night it hit me – baby’s due in July… 7th month and it’s 2007, which means I’ve gotta pop this baby out on the 7th! That’d be 07-07-07! How fun would that be! I guess I was so stuck with July 9th (my actual due date) in my head that I didn’t even think of 07-07-07 until last night. I’m going to talk to my doctor at my next appt and see if he’s up for inducing me on the 6th and hopefully I’d have baby on the 7th. I was induced with my son because my doctor was going to be leaving town and I didn’t want anybody else. That was one of the first things I checked when I called my new doctor now, was that he didn’t have any vacations planned around that time. He’s getting married about a month before so he better make it back safely from his honeymoon! 😛

The weekend wasn’t extremely eventful. We had the spelling bee and I’m not sure what happened, but my son didn’t even act like he wanted to be there. He wasn’t excited like he was last year at all. He went out extremely fast on a VERY simple word and didn’t care at all! hunt…hund Not a clue what happened. He came walking into where we were sitting, grabbed his coat, handed me the paper saying what he spelled wrong and walked out. This is very unusual for him. Maybe next year will be different. 😦 Mom was more sad than he was! hehe Typical Mom – feeling bad.

We’ve begun the Valentine’s (Box) Plane… boy oh boy what have we gotten ourselves into. Thanks to my Zia for the idea to paper mache it. Thanks to my husband for the construction work on it. And thanks to me for cleaning up all the styrofoam! hehe It was really messy. I’ve never done paper mache before so this is an experience for me. The guys had both done it so I’m glad they knew what was going on. Here they are working on the first layer… So by the end of the week – we should be ready for paint and fun stuff. My foam wings are going to work after all… we added dowels for support! This is definitely not an original Valentine’s Day box. Because heck no we can’t just wrap a cereal box – now what fun would that be. 😛 Will post more pics as we get closer to the final product! Can’t wait to see what we can come up with! If you have any ideas – throw them our way.


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7 Responses to “baby due date…”

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Having a triple 7 baby would be pretty cool, but I’m not sure I’d be up for inducement just to get a neat birthdate! You are braver than me though…I mean, look at that craft project! That is going to be a Valentine box to be proud of 🙂

I was induced with my first like I said so I’m not too worried about it. I worry I’ll be induced and then miss the 7th anyway – like pop it out early and have it on the 6th or gawd help me have to wait about a day and a half like last time. But I’m up for it. I’ve always wanted to have a “cool” day like that. Like when you see the first baby of the year – I think that’d be neat.

Yeah… sometimes I wonder what I get myself into – but it’s all fun. Haven’t gone off the deep end yet from stress – so I think I’m good to go 😛 hehe

Should have got with me before you started. We could have built a real light weight one and real cheap just like the cd rack. Or was that a car hoist I was building?

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to know my Dad… when he builds something – it’s built to withstand hurricanes… earthquakes… avalanches… whatever. Not that this is a bad thing – it’s great… until you have to move it. 😛 hehe If Papa built my sons plane – we could all take a ride in it! Hey that’s an idea!! Ooooh Daaaaaaadddddddd…….

07-07-07 would be great. Nobody would ever forget.

The valentine project looks so fun!

my sister-in-laws boy was due 06-06-06 AHHH but he was born super pre-me so he didn’t even get close. I’m due a month before you…June 3rd!

im pregnant with my first god help me so scared baby due 9th july i was also thinking about if it came out on the 7 it will be 7 7 07 lol i might be having a caesarean, find out the sex next monday cant wait

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