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Yesterday I was faced with a dilemma… As I sat at the school waiting for my son to come out. I noticed a car turn the corner with a little boy standing between the front seats jumping around. I realized instantly that it was my friend’s Grandma. Grandma watches the little guy everyday while Mom’s at work. This is one thing that’ll send me over the edge pissed off – I can’t stand to see little kids standing up in cars, not buckled in. Or those parents who ride around with their kids on their laps 😦 Ooooooh that makes me SO mad! Knowing my friend… her kid is ALWAYS buckled up. In fact one time when I was picking him up – I was making sure we’d either have our own car-seat or I’d have to borrow hers, she made a comment to me that she was always fine with him going with me because she knew he’d always be buckled up. So now I’m faced with telling her that her Grandma was allowing him to stand up in the car while she was driving. My friend can be a VERY not nice person so I’m dreading telling her and I’m not even sure how I’m going to tell her. I don’t want to just call her up and say – Guess what! Yesterday I saw your Grandma with your little guy and he wasn’t buckled up. I almost feel like I’m being a little tattle-tale. BUT… If they were ever in a wreck and that little guy was hurt because he wasn’t buckled up I’d feel like the world’s biggest piece of crap for NOT telling her. She’s just not an easy person to tell things to… so here goes it – I’m off to talk to her.

UPDATE as of now… Since I told her she has not spoken to me. She was talking to me all morning – haven’t heard from her since… SHIT! My feelings on this… I guess if she’s going to be pissy that’s her deal. She was the one who talked about ALWAYS having her kid buckled up. This is a Mom who says if you have her kid and anything happens to him while in your care you’re done for… ummm okay. Trust me – it was scary sometimes… gawd forbid he fall and scape his knee. Anyway… I’ve told her very nicely what I saw and I can’t take it back. At least I’ll feel better knowing I told. I’d feel like total crap, like I said before, if they were in a wreck and he was hurt. Also… I told because I’d want to be told if that were my kid.


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9 Responses to “dilemma…”

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Good luck! I’d tell too, but it isn’t easy.

I’d want to know if I was her! Good luck! You’re doing the right thing.

I’d want to know!! My inlaws and I have bumped heads so much about the seatbelt thing!! I’d flip if my child wasn’t belted in a car!

If she is a friend she will thank you for the information. If she is so safety minded when it comes to her kid she should be kissing your feet.
I do feel sorry for Grandma though.

Feel sorry for Grandma? Feel sorry for Grandpa, he’s the one that has to listen to her for about a month now, hope he has a shop. Now you know why kids want to go to grandma.

yikes, tough spot to be in. Keep us posted.

People you know come and go, but friends always come back. Give her time.

Has she said anything to you yet?

I think you did the RIGHT thing…rock on!

Not yet… 😦 I think I did the right thing too so I’m keeping my chin up and trying to not worry about it!

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