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I learned something new today! While getting my hair cut we were discussing wigs. I DID NOT know people wore wigs just because! I guess I can forget trying to grow long hair – I’ll just buy a wig! hehe 😛 But seriously I did not know this! Did you? Do you know anybody who wears a wig everyday that doesn’t have an illness requiring them to wear a wig?

I was telling a friend about this today and she said she’d heard of it but didn’t know anybody. Wouldn’t it be terribly itchy and hot?! I guess I could have that long curly hair I’ve always wanted. I looked at one today, it was gorgeous. So for all those ladies who have fabulous hair everyday and now I know some of them… I won’t be jealous of your hair anymore – it’s fake!!


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9 Responses to “wigs?”

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I new that some people wore them just lie a fashion acessory… But aren’t the terribly expensive?

I’ve seen people wear the hair pieces for fun – but these women wear them everyday. That was shocking to me. I would think they are terribly expensive. The book I was looking at didn’t even HAVE prices in there – so that probably tells me something 🙂

this is very popular in the black culture. not uncommon at all for black women to have multiple wigs…i guess i have learned something from living in dallas…

I don’t have a wig but I do have a hairpiece. It is a pony tail that has cute curls in it.
I use it if I don’t want to do my hair. I put mine up in a bun and then it has a claw that goes over the bun. People can’t tell that it isn’t mine unless i tell them.

Hey, seems I remember someone losing a hairpiece in the parking lot at work one real windy day. Never did find the thing! We joked that some bird must have flown off with it and had a ready-made nest. LOL

I did have a hairpiece. It was a pony one that just slipped over a bun. But as freevolition said I lost it one day – It was hilarious! That bird better be enjoying my hair 😛 I think those hair pieces are fun – I was just shocked to hear of people wearing a full wig everyday when they don’t have to. You’d think it’d get hot and itchy and expensive.

I wear a wig. It’s a bald one with little hairs sticking out the sides. It looks very natural and nobody even notices. I wear it every day and it’s not hot or itchy and wasn’t expensive at all. It was designed by the Danish architect Whrmyhergo.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t sick. Although, one of my friends from a long time ago was going through a very crazy stage & shaved her head. The minute she was done, she regretted it & bought a wig. That lasted about 2 months.

I don’t know anyone who wears them except my mom when she was doing chemo. I don’t think they are itchy so much as HOT. But, they aren’t that expensive. 🙂 Her’s was super cute too.
Just get extensions – but don’t go to whoever does Paris Hilton’s because really, they don’t do a good job. LOL

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