email from my little man

Posted on 31 January 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I LOVE getting these emails from my son. I walked in last night while he was typing it, and he threw his hands over the screen so I couldn’t see it. I was happily surprised this morning when I got it. It’s so fun with him having his own email. If you’ll notice it’s typed in a list. Everything is typed in a list from him. Guess he’s organized like Mom 😛

  1. I love you
  2. you are the best mom!!
  3. you are so cool
  4. ciao,
  5. (his name)

Last night we made Dessert Pizza as a trial for his birthday treats. He loved it so that’s what I’ll be making for treats for school next Friday. His birthday party is going to be at the bowling alley this year. Two years ago we did it at home and EVERYBODY spent the night – yes I had 12 kids! Woah! That was certainly entertaining. Last year we did it at home again, but with not so many kids. This year… I’m glad we’ve chosen to do it elsewhere. I’m sure he’ll end up with a couple kids spending the night, but a couple will be just fine.


UPDATE: I just had to throw this in here… two seaches that found me yesterday were…

odd boobs: Now come on people – I know I whine and complain DAILY that my boobs are small, but odd? Na.
picture of a donkey kicking a man: I’d hate to be the man in this picture.


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4 Responses to “email from my little man”

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What a cutie! What day is his birthday?
i used to work at a bowling alley when I was 18 (and pretty darn cute!) and I’d put together the parties and all the little boys would always try to show off for me. It was quite fun. heee.

Have fun!

How fun! I’m having the little ones birthday parties on Saturday. The grown ups are coming at one and the kids are coming at 5. So far I’ve got only three little girls sleeping over; we only need to hear back from one more. I can’t even imaging 12 kids….ooohhh I just got the chills….12 little girls running all over my house?…..nope, not for me.

Odd boobs huh?? That’s awesome!

What a cutie with the list & the dessert pizza.

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