the never-ending Valentine’s Day box

Posted on 5 February 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The next time I have a wild idea… Can somebody please tell me NO! 😛 Okay… I’m exaggerating a little bit… but this Valentine’s Box is never-ending. Which may or may not be partially my fault. You didn’t hear me… you can’t hold me responsible for saying… “Oh, hey lets add this…” or “Oh, I think we should do this to it…” Nope… you DIDN’T hear me – you can’t prove it! HAHA It’s sure fun though. My son loved painting the windows on this weekend. We’re still needing to add some color somewhere… stripes or something. Any ideas anybody?

When we are completely finished – I’ll post the final pic. You’ll soon be flying “J Air”!

Aside from that… our weekend wasn’t extremely eventful – went bed shopping, oh what fun that was. Wish I’d win the lottery sometime soon. (It’ll never happen – I don’t play the lottery – But I can dream that some miracle will happen right?!) It was the typical shopping trip of “I want…” “I want…” “I want…” Not much fun when you can’t just buy it all 😛 We went looking for beds and I ended up drooling over my couch and love-seat I’ve wanted for months now. I also found an armoire for the baby’s room, as we don’t have a closet in that room, that I absolutely fell in love with. That still may find it’s way to my house. Sssssh don’t tell. 🙂 haha Of course that’s after ME talking MYSELF into agreeing with another payment – ugggggg. Just what I DON’T need. Buuuuuut…. It’s for the baby – not me 😛 That’s a good reason – right?! (Somebody please agree.)

We of course watched the SuperBowl – Yeah Colts! (Even though I’m a big Dallas fan) We missed the first quarter due to our addiction that day to the freakin Nintendo playing Super Mario Brothers 3. Yes I know… Dorks! I’m not a big video game player – but give me the OLD Nintendo and Super Mario and I’m glued to the TV. I think maybe my brother and I played that a little too much when we were little. Seriously how many people remember that the two stars that are white are a secret that you can jump at and a box you can jump on will appear – which I might add is VERY useful! And if you go down tube #2 it’ll take you here and… yes you get the point – I have most of it memorized. It’s my childhood coming out in me – it can be very fun sometimes. This shirt cracks me up…


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4 Responses to “the never-ending Valentine’s Day box”

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I can’t wait to see the V-day box!!!! Looks so cool thus far.

Now that is a Valentines box! He’ll have the best one ever.

As for the furniture shopping, I am the same way. I wish I had enough money to afford what I like. 🙂

I remember when Santa brought me Nintendo 64 I literlay sat in fornt of the TV ALL DAY!! I couldn’t get enough of those Italian hunks. lol

Remember when you finally beat the game you played it all over again, but this time it was a little harder? And remember the first time you found the time warp tunnels? Damn, maybe I’ll play me a round when we go to my parents tonight!

Have Papa show him how to pin-stripe.

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