damn good reason to cry like a baby…

Posted on 6 February 2007. Filed under: Everyday Life |

My day started off with me having MAJOR problems with Messenger. Anybody who knows me knows that Messenger is my link to the outside world – I was without it one day and I thought the world was coming to an end. So today I of course thought the world was ending again. After attempting to repair it, un-installing it and re-installing it I’ve still not had any luck. So it’s working, but it’s broken and I’ve lost all my fun stuff on it. 😦 After I got over having a fit about that…

I have a very snazzy flat panel monitor that I treasure. On my desktop I HAD this very cool little calendar “widget”. I had turned it off while messing with MSN this morning. It was then I noticed that my used to be cool calendar image is BURNED onto my monitor. And that… is a damn good reason to cry like a baby!

If I didn’t know better – I’d swear it was Monday 😦 You’ll have to excuse me now while I go back to pouting and possibly bawling my eyes out.


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4 Responses to “damn good reason to cry like a baby…”

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And I was just going to send you a hello to ask how you were doing….I guess now I know. Poor honey, it’s ok it’s only Tuesday!

Damn computer thingys.

I would be sooooooo upset about an image being burned into my flat screen monitor.
I am buying a flat screen monitor in the next couple of weeks so I will make sure to be extra careful.

That would annoy the hell out of me. I bawled my eyes out this past Thanksgiving. Our offices are close of course on Thanksgiving and also that Friday. So I was looking forward to playing on my computer during that time. My monitor (which was an ancient one) died on me and I had a crying fit. Then I went out before the stores could close for Thanksgiving and bought my first flat screen monitor.

I hear with with the Messenger thing. If mine died I would go along with it. It’s my only salvation from complete and total loneliness :(. Well I guess that’s slightly over-dramatic but I’m pregnant so I’m allowed to be.

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