homework question/shooter’s education

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Today’s a thinking day 😛 Yesterday after school my son did his homework and then asked me to check it. I came to a problem that said this… “Suzy has 3 markers. Draw the markers. 1 marker is green. Color that marker.” So my son had them drawn, but he colored one marker red. I told my son hey this one isn’t correct. It doesn’t say to color the marker red, it says to color the marker green. He says “No, it doesn’t, it just says to color that marker.” So the argument was on. haha Me saying they say 1 marker is green – color THAT marker… and him saying they just say to color that marker, they don’t say that you HAVE to color it green. So my argument was well why would they tell you the marker is green and to color THAT marker and not expect you to color THAT marker green. So I started asking other people what they thought. Some went with my thinking. Others went with his thinking. So what do you think?

My son also had his first night of his shooter’s education class last night. OMG! I’m scared. Seriously. The guy “teaching” it… I think he… hmmmm… how should I put this…. he’s a few fries short of a happy meal. That’ll work. He didn’t stand up there and teach anything – he read word for word from a book. Well hell, I coulda done that! He was wanting the kids to answer questions and he didn’t even know the answers to them sometimes – one of the guys helping him had to keep telling him no that’s not right or yes you can have that, etc. I keep thinking my gawd he’s going to take these kids downstairs to shoot and he’s going to be taking the owner’s manual with him so he knows what he’s doing! He’s doing this as a service to the community for a local group he’s involved in, which I think is great. In fact, the class itself is free to go to. So I’m glad he’s volunteering his time for the kids. BUT… I think teaching kids about guns should be left to someone who REALLY knows what they’re doing. My son enjoyed going and even if he doesn’t get lots out of it, my main reason for trying to get him to go was to get him to experience something different and socialize with some of his buddies. Pretty much just get him out of the house for a little bit, so he doesn’t become a home body. He found a friend from class right away so they sat together. He kept making sure we weren’t leaving him there before we left home. Once we got there he asked me every 5 minutes if we’d please leave!! Gosh thanks! You’da thought we were being embarrassing or something. So I guess he’ll be attending the rest of the classes on his own as he asked us to please just drop him off next time. I thought they were supposed to wait until they were teenagers to start that! 🙂 They get into this more than I thought. They actually have a written test at the end and a shooting test at the end. They have the chance to win a gun. And a chance to go to state.

Guess what! We get our new bed tonight!! No more sharing a double bed!! WooHoo!!


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What ever you do don’t sound too excited about not having to sleep right next to you husband. he might think that you don’t want him in the bed at all. J/K Love you Sweety

A few fries short a happy meal, huh? hahhhhaaa. Too funny.

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