my son’s thinking…

Posted on 8 February 2007. Filed under: Everyday Life, kids |

I thought today I’d give you an idea of how my son thinks. It scares me most of the time. He’s very good at coming up with a reason (most of the time instantly) as to why he should have something, get to do something, go somewhere, etc. A while back the issue of him getting a cell phone was brought up. I said no to this immediately. He’s 8, in my opinion, far too young to have a cell phone. However, I must say he’s in a different spot than most 8 year olds. He doesn’t play with toys often. You’re most likely to catch him reading about underground sprinkler installation, glued to a computer, building something, “fixing” the garage doors or gawd knows what else. During an outing with his Gramma one day she asked him to stay right by her so he wasn’t stolen. Something he hears often from us, yes we are paranoid people. 🙂 This occurred around the same time the cell phone issue had been brought up for the first time. Wanting to look around he was upset by this I’m sure. It was a while later that he told Gramma this…… “If you really loved me and you didn’t want me to get stolen then you’d get me a cell phone!” Now seriously – WHAT do you say to that!

Last night he got me… we got our new bed last night! I slept like a rock! It was awesome! Anyway… we went from a double to a king. My son had to get his wise crack in with a big ol smirk on his face… “Well Mom, next time I come in saying I had a bad dream and I want to sleep with you, you can’t tell me there’s no room, haha.” And that little haha at then end – yes he usually ends these “great” comments with that because he knows when he’s “gotten you”!


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5 Responses to “my son’s thinking…”

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Ooohh, you’ve got a smarty pants on your hand! LOL

You could always consider one of those cell phones made just for kids. They only have 4 buttons that the parents program…so he can’t go willy-nilly and call just anyone! 😉

Other wise, I agree with you. 8 is just too young for a cell phone!

Our kids really have to meet! Mine is 10 and insists she needs a cell phone too. I DON’T THINK SO!! I didn’t get one until I started driving, and that was only incase I broke down!

I go to her school, and TONS of kids have them. For what?? One little gril brough a Razor phone with her to the sleepover, and I found out she takes it to school and calls her other friends on the play ground!! FOR WHAT????

It never fails to baffle me…kids with cell phones….makes no sense at all.

Your little boy is diabolical! That’s awesome! I would have problems giving an 8 year old a cellphone too, only because the cellphone just seems so adult and the kids grow up too quickly. On the other hand, though, it is good for emergencies, and kids definitely know how to use them these days. But wow, that is some quick reasoning on his part!

You’re right. He is good!

Those cell phones for kids are about $350. At least they were at christmas time. I looked at a nice one for $39 that didn’t have all the bells and whistles. If you are worried that they would lose the thing, I’d rather lose the $39 one.

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