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I’m apologizing in advance… I have NO pictures. My computer is being a total a** and Photoshop isn’t working 😦 MSN is still partially broken… my baby is falling apart! If only I had a back-up… I’d be reformatting and starting all over. Gotta work on that.


Friday I put my son’s birthday on the radio. He looks forward to that every year. After I called he wouldn’t leave the radio, it was all I could do to get him to eat breakfast and brush his teeth before school. We’ve known the dj for years so when I called he asked how the baby was and if I’d decided on a name yet. He’s convinced that we’re naming the baby after him. I keep trying to tell him that my son is named after him… my son’s initials are his name. So when he announced my son’s birthday on the radio he said “Happy Birthday to ******, 8 years old on Saturday, BUT he’s still not named after me, nice try (me). haha My son requested he play Hinder, Lips of an Angel. So he played that for him and then said after the song finished that he loves that song and it’s even better when it’s requested by a 7, soon to be 8 year old. A couple years ago for his birthday my son requested J. Geils Band – Centerfold. The same dj got the biggest kick out of that one. He kept saying you’re kid rules – he’s 6 and he’s requesting Centerfold. That songs been a favorite of his for a long time. It became known as the tickling song for my son and it still is. Whenever the Nah Nah part comes on I’d tickle him and he LOVED it. So it was and still is a favorite. Whenever it comes on he’ll remind me it’s the tickling song. He still likes to play the game. I’ll act like I’m not paying attention to the song and he’ll be grinning from ear to ear waiting for the Nah Nah part and when I hear it I’ll go in for some tickling and he’ll laugh SO hard I swear he’s going to burst sometimes.

I also sent a balloon and candy to school for my son. He had told me that morning “Mom… I know what you’re going to do today.” After thinking and guessing and never getting it right 😦 Oops! He told me that I was sending him balloons to school. So after I dropped him off at school I stopped to get a balloon and something else. Being Valentine time I found some Hershey Hugs and Hershey Kisses so I had them tie the balloon around the bags of candy. My card said… “Happy Birthday ******! I sent you hugs and kisses! Love, Mom” Little did I know he would read the card to his entire class! hahaha Sorry little man! So when I picked him up he thanked me for embarrassing him 😦 He said the hugs and kisses part embarrassed him. BUT… he hadn’t realized that I wrote that because I sent the bags of Hugs and Kisses.

The party was great fun! The kids had a blast bowling and playing games. I wish we woulda had a couple more hours so they coulda bowled another game. After 1 game, cake and presents, we were left with only half an hour so they played air hockey until it was time to go. We may have had more time but the kids used the bumpers and one of them had a leak so every other throw the damn thing would be half flat and instead of the ball hitting the bumper and bouncing back… it would crush the bumper and lay in the gutter… stuck. So we had the owner running constantly. He’s probably glad we didn’t play another game. 😛

We had one little guy that stayed the night so that was nice. Him and my son play great together so instead of being super busy – I think I had MORE down time 🙂 Sweet! ha They kept themselves occupied with the train, computer, Nintendo and movies. So that was super easy.

Sunday we headed out to shoot off the rocket my son got for his birthday. We didn’t have any trees to worry about… only some power lines. After checking the wind direction my man said we’d be good to go and the rocket would go high enough to clear the power lines. So the guys set up and launched it. Perfect! The kids ran to retrieve it and launch again. Set up again… launch… shit! I think we should have checked the wind SPEED! The rocket is now dangling off a power line 😦 What a bummer – of all the luck. The first launch completely missed the lines. My son tried every possible idea to get it down… a ladder (yeah right – I don’t think he understands how high those lines are), calling the city, calling the power company or getting a long stick. We were hoping maybe the wind would bring it down – it moved it from the middle to the end, but no luck on bringing it down. So we’ll just have to shop for a new rocket. And find a better spot next time.

I also tried my luck last night at homemade Snickers. I’m not sure I’ll be doing this again any time soon. I didn’t have a double broiler to melt the caramel so I made my own. It worked great for the most part. After some boiling water on the hand and working with nasty sticky caramel, it wasn’t so much fun. Maybe next time I’ll just buy a bag of Snickers 🙂 hehe But they did turn out good so it wasn’t a waste.

Tomorrow’s my doctors appt., doing an ultrasound to hopefully determine the sex. I’ll letcha know what we find out.


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