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Posted on 15 February 2007. Filed under: baby, doctors appt, kids, pregnancy |

I forgot to update about my doctor’s appt. 4 weeks ago when I made the appt I told them I would be only 19 weeks and not 20 weeks – they didn’t worry about it and said to come then anyway. And planned on doing the ultrasound like I told you all. So I got there and they decided then that since I was only 19 weeks they were going to wait!!! NOT FAIR!! Nothing like torturing the preggy woman 🙂 haha So now I have to go back again next week when I’m 20 weeks for the ultrasound so I’ll be updating then hopefully on the sex. They won’t let me get back on track with my appts. It’s frustrating me to no end. I had to go this week and now again next week because way back when I tried to tell them I wouldn’t be 20 weeks they didn’t want to worry about it. So my next appt (not including the ultrasound next week) is in 4 weeks. And then I’ll have to go back the week after that one too for my lab work. I tried to tell her I’ll be coming back next week so why can’t I come back 4 weeks from then? She wouldn’t let me – so I’m doubling up on appts. now. Arg!!! Anyway… guess hopefully next weeks I’ll have some more baby news 🙂

About the 7-7-7 thing…. I forgot to talk to him at this last appt. But I talked to a friend who’s a nurse in another office about it and she said he’d probably be willing to do it if it’s during the week. Well….. it’s not – it’s a Saturday – so she thinks he probably won’t be game 😦 He’d have to induce me on a Friday and then I’d be robbing his weekend for sure. But I’ll still ask and bat my eyelashes and pout a little bit! hehe


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5 Responses to “doctor’s appt”

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Batting eyelashes and pouting ALWAYS works!!

I just sent you an email….attached is a certain song you said you’d like to hear! 😉

Oh, I don’t think he’ll give up his weekend. My doctors told me they only induce Tuesday – Thursday. They induced me Thursday morning (9:30 am) & she was born by 3pm. Good luck though! 🙂 **can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl**

Ok, am I’m missing something? What’s this 7-7-7 deal? Sorry, I haven’t been online much. Damn work!! So one week until ultrasound!?? I can’t wait!

how interesting that they made you wait til exactly 20 weeks! every doctor is different i suppose. my doctor did the ultrasound on my 18th week to determine the sex. i suppose it’s all determined by how confident the ultrasound tech is?? hmmm! sometimes i think they torture us on purpose!

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