24 hours of NO computer – can you do it?

Posted on 19 February 2007. Filed under: computer, shutdown day |

My brother just informed me that 24.March.07 is “Shutdown Day”. Brought to us by Shutdown Day. I’m not sure if this is some kind of torture or what – but I’m in :-). This is giving me lots of time to think about it – so by 23.March I may have completely freaked out and my counselor may just say…. Just leave your damn computer on – before I put you in a straight jacket in a padded room! But for now…. I’m game. I wish they would have made it happen on a Sunday. I think we need to plan a trip that weekend – I’m not sure I can be in my house with NO computer. Shopping anybody? Please! Just the other day – I was having Internet connection problems… my Internet wouldn’t load for like 5 minutes – I was on with my brother every 30 seconds freaking out! And now they want 24 hours. Wow…… this is going to be interesting. Hey I just thought of an idea… if I have to go 24 hours with NO computer – then I’m creating a NO TV day too!

Who’s in with me?

Update: I just told two of my friends that I’m telling their husbands about the day so they can go steal and hide their power cords! (evil laugh) Nobody else get any ideas…… that’s my idea and only my idea! 😛 Besides I have spares! haha

Another update: My brother said he’d get me Life Alert – it says I can have it for just needing comfort. 🙂


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8 Responses to “24 hours of NO computer – can you do it?”

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I could totally do this. I don’t surf much on the weekends anyway. I think that it would be harder for my son than for me.

Ok. I think I can do this. 3/24 is a Saturday that Vern has his kids, so we should be plenty busy. Oh, and Rosie will have had the baby then…Yeah, I should have plenty to keep me busy. (I hope)

Now if I can get Vern to go 24 hrs w/o checking his email….that will be a miracle my friend!

Can I sign my boyfriend up for it? He’s on his freaking computer game CONSTANTLY!!!

March 24th?? That’s one day before my birthday! I would love to be game for that just to see if I could do it (if I went without a computer during childhood, why can’t I do it for one day in my adulthood?), but the fact that it’ll be a weekend will be quite challenging. Sounds like a good challenge, though! I’m game.

I’m in. Actually, I usually ignore my computer on Saturday & sometimes on Sunday. See…easy for me to agree to something that I already do. Oh, can we throw in a no house work day? 🙂

Ooohhh, I have TONS of back pain. There are several heating pads scattered around our house! 😉 When I lay flat on the floor you can fit an entire fist between my lower back and the floor!

At least I know I’m not alone!!! But I could not imagine being pregnant and having the back pain! You are a trooper!

Thanks for your support!

The shutdownday.org homepage has changed slightly, we have a forum and some featured user videos now and also a new map to keep track of where people who are taking part are from.

We’ve also just hit 10,000 people!


Michael Taylor
shutdownday.org co-founder

24 hours.. ack! Yes, I think I could do it. Am going to give the challenge to my partner AND mum, they’re both internet nuts as well! 🙂

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